If you were watching the Grammys last night, and missed ‘Once Upon a Time,’ then you’ve come to the right place for this week’s recap! We last left the town of Storybrooke with a mysterious man who crashed into the town borders after witnessing Mr. Gold use magic. Speaking of Mr. Gold, heartbroken with what Hook had done to Belle, he tells Emma that she is to accompany him to the outside world to find his son. Meanwhile, distraught, Regina has now aligned herself with her mother which is not good.

Now it seems that Hook and Cora were not the only people who managed to come through the portal as there is another on board Hook’s ship that may have a giant problem with someone in town.

Ready to read what you missed last night? Then let’s get started!

Mr. Gold/Rumple is ready to take Emma to find his son and is none too happy to learn that Henry is going with them. Emma explains that she refuses to leave her son in Storybrooke with Cora on the loose, so he reluctantly acquiesces. David asks Gold to make sure no harm comes to them and he assures the former Prince that he will take care of them. After all, they have a deal.

On the way out of town, Emma asks if Gold is positive the charmed shawl will work. As they pass the Storybrooke borders, Gold still has his memories and is now more determined to find his son.

Back at the apartment, Regina comes by to see Henry. After apologizing for thinking that she killed Archie, they tell her they know that her mother framed her. Regina pretends she doesn’t know that her mother is in town and when she asks to see Henry to protect the child from the evil Queen, David and Mary Margaret tell her that he left with Gold and Emma. Regina is none too happy with this twist in her plans.

David, Mary Margaret and Leroy have Hook take them to his ship thinking they may find Cora there. As he brings them on board, he tells them he doesn’t know what her plans are for the people in Storybrooke but she did bring her weapon of choice. As David removes the covering, they see it’s the Giant that gave Emma the compass when she and Mary Margaret were trapped in the Enchanted Forest and he’s locked in a cage!

Hook tells them that Cora used magic to make him smaller but he doesn’t know why. He gives the key to Mary Margaret to open the cage to wake him up. Once he comes to, he seems disoriented but one look at David has him go bezerk and he hits David who goes flying over the rails.

Mary Margaret stops him from totally pummeling her husband but before the giant gets away, he vows to David that he will pay for his evil.

So what could the Giant be talking about? David vaguely remembers a time in Fairy Tale land when evil twin brother James was asked to go after a giant. So it seems what we have here is a case of mistaken identity.

See back in Fairy Tale land, the Giant actually had a name. Anton – yes, as in Anton the Giant. (The nod was not loss on this recapper!) Anton’s brothers nicknamed him Tiny because he was the smallest of the giant family. During a feast in Giant Land in preparation of the magic bean harvest, Tiny tells his brother, Arlo,  that he doesn’t understand why they can’t interact with the humans. Arlo responds that his interest in the tiny beings is unhealthy as humans are vicious with their need to conquer and pillage. That’s why they can never know that giants or beans actually exist. Another of Tiny’s brothers taunts him and with hurt feelings, Tiny decides to disobey tradition and climb down a beanstalk.

James goes after Anton and with his latest dalliance accompanying him. They find the giant peeking in a tavern watching the humans. Cunningly, they offer to show Anton around the kingdom but they would need to shrink him down to size. James’ friend gives him a magic mushroom telling him that it should make him smaller. As Anton thanks them, he asks them their names and the companion introduces herself as Jacqueline… but most people call her Jack. (Well played, writers, well played!)

The mushroom worked and Anton is now human sized. James and Jack pretend to befriend him all the while trying to procure some magic beans from the giant as the kingdom’s coffers are almost bare. Anton tells Jack that while he doesn’t have any beans, but he does have treasure and is willing to give them some in order to save the kingdom.

Anton heads back home and begins to put some treasure in a bag. Arlo catches him in the act and as he tries to dissuade Anton from leaving Giant Land, sentry birds fly to give warning of trespassers. Anton has shown the humans where to find them!

Anton’s brothers are ready to kill the humans but Anton stops them telling them that they are his friends. He tells James and Jack that he has the treasures and they can now leave, but the humans have other plans and tell Anton they are really there for the beans.

Feeling betrayed and racked with guilt, Anton prepares to fight as armies of humans attack the giants with poisoned swords. Arlo tells him he still has a chance to save them. He must destroy the beans so that the humans can’t get to them and cause havoc in other lands.

While Anton is busy destroying the fields, Jack and James are busy stealing treasure, but Arlo comes and interrupts their efforts. Jack manages to stab him with her sword but before he dies, he picks her up and returns the favor. Anton comes in and sees his brother on the ground and runs to him. James takes this opportunity to take off leaving Jack to die.

Before he dies, Arlo gives him a cutting from the stalk to grow beans again in a new land leaving Anton the last of his kind…

Back in Storybrooke, Hook leaves a message for Cora by leaving a Queen of Hearts card on the docks but instead meets Regina. She reminds the sea farer that he was supposed to kill her mother but since they have reconciled, all is forgiven. Apparently, Hook was supposed to show David and Mary Margaret where the ship was all along, so it seems like everything is going according to Cora’s plan. However, the pirate did confess he let the giant lose and he is in a murderous mood to kill the Prince. Regina is not too concerned about this little tidbit as tells him that a giant may just be the distraction they need for their little plan to continue.

Regina finds Anton and tells him that she doesn’t like the Prince either and wants to help him. She gives him a mushroom to make him a giant once again and tells him to get to work as the effects of the mushroom won’t last forever.

Anton begins his reign of terror as he stomps through town now in his real giant-sized self. The townspeople take cover as David meets Goliath Anton in the middle of town. David tries to reason with Anton and tells him that he is looking for James, not him, and that James is now dead. Mary Margaret reminds him that he helped Emma, but when he asks to see her, he’s told that she is not in town at the moment.

This displeases Anton and he rages on as the trio run for their lives… that is, until there is no place to go. So David proposes a deal. He tells Anton he’ll give himself up if he spares the life of the townspeople. Anton agrees and as he is about to leap upon the Prince, Mary Margaret pulls him out of the way, causing the giant to fall through the asphalt embedding himself within it.

The magic mushroom effect has worn off and in a puff of blue smoke, Anton is back to his regular size hanging on for dear life so as not to fall into the hole.

The townspeople gather together to save Anton. Together, they manage to bring the former giant to safety. Anton’s grateful and realizes that not all humans were like Jack and James.

Anton asks if they ever dream of wanting to go back to Fairy Tale land. He shows them the beanstalk cutting and tells them if he plants it, they may be able to grow some beans and find a way back home. Unfortunately, Anton realizes that this was probably the reason why Cora brought him along – to grow the beans. Mary Margaret and the dwarves vow to protect the beans from Cora and begin to prepare the land for the precious plant.

Back in the hospital, Belle still doesn’t know who she is and is still freaked out that she saw Gold use magic to heal her and create a ball of fire in his hands. Greg comes and visits her and tells her that she’s not crazy because he saw it too…

Henry, Emma and Gold manage to get to the plane, but during the process of going through security, he had to remove the enchanted shawl for a brief moment to go through the metal detector. Was he without it long enough to lose some part of himself? Gold knows there’s something wrong. As he heads to the bathroom, he intentionally injures his hand then tries to heal it. He no longer has magic! On the plane, Emma feels Gold’s anxiety and notices the makeshift bandage. She reassures him that they’ll find his son but he continues to look in shock…

What was really cute in this episode was the mash-up and nods to different fairy tales. Not only did we get the obvious ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ retelling, there was also elements of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with the magic mushrooms and the Queen of Hearts and the nod to Disney’s animated film ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ with a scene of all of them whistling ‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho’ as they are off to work on the fields with Tiny replacing Sneezy who lost his memory earlier in the season. And I know I’ve mentioned it before, but naming the giant Anton was a great nod.

Once again, Robert Carlyle shines on the screen each time his character comes on. In this episode, we see the Rumplestiltskin as he was before the Dark One took over. Without magic, what is he? There is something definitely going on within Rumple beyond the lack of magic. Did the removal of the shawl affect him more than he lets on? How will he be able to defeat Cora now that he no longer has magic? If his son is under an enchantment, how will he be able to break it? What seemed like a simple quest has now become one that will definitely test and define who Rumple really is.

Next week we’ll get more of Rumple’s backstory and that means more of Robert Carlyle as the trio gets closer to finding Bae!

So what did you think of this week’s episode of ‘Once Upon a Time’ and do you think Gold lost a piece of his memory?