Infinity Gauntlet 6

In the Marvel Universe, there are a few key items from lore that are held higher than most and considered truly legendary. Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir,Captain America’s Vibranium Shield, The Cosmic Cube… but if there was one item that was deemed more legendary and powerful than all of the rest, it would be The Infinity Gauntlet. This item is held in the highest regard among Marvel Comics fans, and now thanks to the team at Entertainment Earth, you can use it to drink your coffee in the morning with the new Infinity Gauntlet Mug!

For starters, before it’s even out of the box, this thing is hard not to get excited about! I mean, it’s The Infinity Gauntlet! And I can use it to drink my morning beverage! Whats not to like? The mug itself is made of a finely painted glossy ceramic, and has a nice shine to it. Encrusted onto the knuckles and back of the hand are the six Infinity Gems; Each gem is a different color and each represents either Power, Time, Soul, Reality, Space, and Mind. Unlike the Gauntlet in the comics, the Infinity Gems on this mug are not removeable. While it’s a but disappointing that they can’t be removed, I’d still give this an A+ because now we won’t lose these things all over the house!

Infinity Gauntlet 5

The Infinity Gauntlet Mug comes packaged in a beautifully colored box with colors that really pop! The box itself features artwork of the Gauntlet’s most notorious weilder, The Mad Titan Thanos! The mug is snuggly secured inside the box using molded styrofoam to ensure that it remains in one piece.

Infinity Gauntlet 7

As far as the design goes, The Infinity Gauntlet Mug is beautifully crafted! It’s designed to make the mug appear as if it was, itself, the infamous Infinity Gauntlet of Marvel Comics legend. It’s set up so that it looks like a blue mug being held within the Infinity Gauntlet, so you can actually see the entire mug beneath the Gauntlet itself. This is a really interesting design idea, and is executed really nicely!

Infinity Gauntlet 4

The inside of the mug is surprisingly spacious! You can probably fit quite a bit of warm beverage in this thing, which, at least for me, is always a huge deciding factor when choosing what mug to use in the morning. The only downside to this is that this thing might be a pain to get in and clean if you aren’t careful. You want to make sure you wash this guy as soon as you are done using it so that nothing gets dried out inside and it doesn’t get sticky! The bottom of the mug is emblazoned with the Marvel logo, and reminds you that the Infinity Gauntlet Mug is NOT Microwave or Dishwasher safe!

Infinity Gauntlet 3

The only real downside at all to this beauty is that there is still a standard mug handle stashed away under the Gauntlet Wrist, so you still hold it like a normal mug rather than sliding your hand into it like an actual Gauntlet. This causes it look a little awkward when you’re holding it by what looks like the stump of a wrist from anyone else’s perspective. I know I also personally have larger hands, making it a bit difficult to get at the handle itself beneath the Gauntlets wrist (as you can see me awkwardly holding it in these pics. Please ignore my weird hands).Infinity Gauntlet 2

Overall, The Infinity Gauntlet Mug is pretty great! The design is a really fun concept and it’s executed better than I had expected! Almost even more than toys, I collect mugs because I drink A LOT of coffee, and i have to say that that The Entertainment Earth Exclusive Infinity Gauntlet Mug would be a great addition to any comic book fans mug collection! Start each morning with Infinite possibilities!


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