That was fast! After just two episodes, NBC has decided to cancel the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde inspired series ‘Do No Harm.’

NBC hasn’t had a hit scripted series in the 10 pm Thursday night timeslot since ‘ER,’ and even with a lead in from the usually higly watched show ‘The Office,’ the series pilot managed to claim the title of “lowest rated in-season premiere of any scripted show” on any of the Big Four networks…ever! The series premiere earned a 0.9 rating and was watched by 3.13 million viewers, down 55% from last year’s premiere of ‘Awake.’

Some might attribute this to the fact that NBC had released the pilot episode online a couple weeks prior to the official premiere date, but episode 2 proved to be more disastrous. The second installment saw ratings drop to 0.7 drawing only 2.21 viewers. With these numbers, NBC quickly decided to pull the pull on the series and will be replacing it with repeats of ‘Law & Order: SVU’.

‘Do No Harm’ revolved around Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale), a neurosurgeon who, at 8:25pm every night, turned into an alternate evil version of himself named Ian Price, who is determined to ruin Jason’s life, personally and professionally. The series dealt with Jason trying to find a way to keep Ian under control before he succeeds with his plans.

The show had a 12 episode order which finished production last month leaving the decision as to whether audiences will even see the other 10 episodes in question.

NBC seems to have difficulty when it comes to sci-fi genre shows, especially those that deal with dual personalities/realities. In 2008, NBC aired ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ thinking Christian Slater (and a then barely known Taylor Lautner) would bring viewers in. This series had Slater as a typical suburban husband named Henry Spivey who was really a top secret operative named Edward Albright who had a chip implanted in him. Whenever the government needed “Edward” for a mission, they would use the chip and “Henry” would no longer exist. Once the mission was complete, the chip was switched again and “Edward” would go back to ordinary “Henry” not knowing he just took down a couple terrorist that afternoon. Neither personalities would know the other existed until one day, the chip begins to malfunction and would switch the personalities on its own at inopportune times with the men finding themselves in their alter’s life.

Last year saw the demise of ‘Awake’ starring Jason Isaacs whose character was involved in a car accident with his wife and son. Each time he woke up, he would find himself living in an alternate parallel world where in one, only wife survived the accident and the other his son did. Audiences followed Isaacs character trying to determine which reality was real. The series was cancelled after one season, leaving viewers still wondering the outcome.

Thankfully, NBC hasn’t given up with the genre and is working on a few pilots for next season notably ‘Dracula,’ ‘Believe’ and ‘Wonderland’ – none of which deal with dual personalities. Hopefully, these shows will last more than 2 episodes.

Did you catch ‘Do No Harm’? Are you surprised with the cancellation? Let us know in the comments below!