NBC’s ‘Awake’ Will Not Get A Second Season, Show Cancelled

Posted Saturday, May 12th, 2012 02:00 pm GMT -4 by

nbc-awakeWith NBC’s ‘Awake’ nearing its season finale, it’s been a rough ride for fans. The show stars Jason Isaacs (the ‘Harry Potter’ series) as Michael Britten, a man who lives his life in two realities. After a car accident, Britten awakens to find himself in a life where he flip-flops into two worlds. In one, his wife survived the accident; in the other, his son.

The show began with pretty decent viewership, no doubt drawn in by the intriguing premise and curious Potter fans looking to see Lucious Malfoy on the telly. But have slowly declined as the season has continued on.

Now, amidst the other many announcements of new shows, renewals and cancellations across the various networks, NBC has announced that ‘Awake’ will not be returning to the network for a second season.

Here’s hoping that NBC brings in some more sci-fi television to replace ‘Awake’ and doesn’t turn to yet another crime drama, reality show, or lame comedy.

  • justme@home

    Please just put it on another night. Don’t cancel it.

  • There were concerns when “Awake” was going to be aired that it would be too “cerebral” for modern viewers, who have the attention span of goldfish these days. You know what, obviously they were right. Yet another excellent EXCELLENT show bites the dust after one season because the TV generation can’t figure it out. This has happened so many times now, that I practically expect new shows to go down in flames almost as soon as they’ve begun. “Flashforward”, “Caprica”, “Alcatraz” and a string of others. “Jericho” was a famous example, and going back into the mists of time “Firefly” was another. These great shows are little oases of quality among the sea of dreck that is now washing over us, threatening to drown originality and innovation. No wonder cable is doing so well. Would “The Walking Dead”, “Dexter” or “Game of Thrones” have lasted five minutes on the networks? Of course not! Some exec somewhere wouldn’t have “got them”.

  • I stopped watching after the first episode. Too complicated for me, I enjoy mindless TV :-)

  • Jjp69

    This is sad news, indeed. I am mesmerized by “Awake.” It is a show that involves an intellectual investment from the viewer, similar to “Lost.” It has interesting plots, attractive actors, and appealing characters. I will miss it.

  • deb

    SO upset…isn’t there anything we can do to save it?!?! I love this show. Very creative. Nothing like it on television. 

  • Janeh227

    Will really miss this show…thought the acting was first rate and plot lines actually held my attention. Really a shame.

  • Ms_scmommy

    Wow what these networks fail to realize is that people in my demographic who usually do not watch TV have been tuning in like gangbusters online to watch this show. Another reason in my opinion that non cable networks are failing…they do not give shows enough time to have a strong following…..

  • Linzer1154

    As the last person commented- our demographic is not considered by this or any other  “network”. It has now come down to the lowest common denominator in taste for non cable. I hope they will reconmsider- after all, they cancelled “30 Rock” initially. 
    Maybe the show will get picked up by SHO or HBO- one can hope. 
    Love the show, the actors and the storyline. Made me look forward to Thursday night. 
    NBC- how embarrassing for you.

  • Archaeophilerachel

    This is horrible that they’re cancelling this! This show was unique and cerebral.  I definitely think the problem with viewership was the timeslot.  Lots of people I told about this hadn’t heard of it, but all were intrigued once they watched it.  The show they should tank is the Office; it’s gone so incredibly downhill I can’t even watch it anymore. 

  • Dharmaperson

    Awake was the last scripted tv show that I felt was worth watching; I can only hope some other network picks it up.

  • Jazmckenzie

    They can’t cancel it!! That’s the only show I even turn on my TV for! ARGH! </3

  • FairieFly

    I had a horrible feeling from the very beginning that this show would not last. It had terrific dialog and the acting was excellent. It was important to keep the actors real since the overall story line was so fantastic.Now, of course, we’ll never know was Jason Isaacs really alive in two separate parallel realities or did something happen to his brain during the crash or could he simply not let go?

  • Mpoliakoff24

    NO, NO, NOOOOO!  Awake is the best show o n tv.  

  • Brendaosborne9

    I am extremely unhappy that both Awake and Harry’s Law have been cancelled but not surprised……it seems if I like a show it will be cancelled.

  • Kmbball428

    THIS IS HORRIBLE. I DVR this show, and right now- this show only, I look forward to watching it every week, and it always gets better. This is unbelievably disappointing. Shame on you NBC.

  • Graham

    This has been the only show to catch mine and my wife’s attention this season. We were afraid it would be too “smart” to hang around. Anything that requires a little cerebral action doesn’t stand a chance anymore. Only NBC show I’ve watched in a long time. Too bad NBC. Too bad.

  • momboro

    Older viewers and intelligent viewers don’t stand a chance. I loved Harry’s Law & Awake, neither of which had sex or real violence–just smart dialogue & plots. Wasn’t NBC the same network that cancelled Southland? TNT picked it up and it has been great. NBC has become a network for mindless, meaningless programming. No wonder that older, more affluent viewers turn to HBO, cable networks for their shows. I guess it doesn’t matter if your ratings are good–it’s all about young demographics. Pitiful–NBC needs to look at where the demographics for the largest incomes lie. I will miss the wonderful Kathy Bates & Jason Issacs. 

  • Tina Espinoza

    Bring Awake back! This really was the one decent show i looked forward to watching every week.

  • Lmc630

    So upsetting!!!  this was the only show I looked forward to watching every week!!!

  • uwcooper

    SO disappointed to hear NBC canceled this show – one of THE best on TV – there is a reason they are the 4th place network.

  • Jmcarr

    What the heck!  Now I’ll never know what the heck is going on.  Bad move on NBC’s part.

  • Chalako

    Gotta question NBC on the time slot. Smash was an ok show but had the voice as a lead in so it was a home run. But putting Awake on 10pm Thursday night after the night of comedies didn’t help. I wish there was a way to keep this show going, but I hope at least the end it with some answers not like Flashforward.

  • jani

    Well, did we really want to have it so that it went years and years of all sorts of crazy stuff happening like with Lost.  Just dragging things on and on and making them so complicated that there was no acceptable end.  NO>>>Too bad they didn’t just plan to have this show last for a season with a proper ending.  I don’t think I will ever get over the way viewers were treated by the Lost writers.  They had those……shows just to make sure we were getting all the little clues that were meaningless. When I started watching Awake I was thinking I would probably be left high and dry with no answers but it was so cool I had to watch.  

  • rob brown

    Superb show but I tend to think it might actually be best as a 13-show-long story.  I don’t know how long the premise would have lasted, without it just becoming frustrating.  I hope they wrap it up nicely and explain everything.

  • utterlydisappointed

    Man, I am so disappointed that this show is cancelled.  It is the only show I have enjoyed in a long time.  It helped me through a time of personal loss.

  • Sartijamie

    I am soooo disappointed. Great show, please keep it on. So smart and great characters.

  • Sartijamie

    Would love for another station to pick up this series. Will miss this smart show, my Thursdays will not be the same

  • Damfamily11762

    I love this show.  Requires you to pay attention!!!  

  • Writeway1

    It is very frustrating to experience such a well crafted,original program, with excellent writing, acting, directing, etc., only to have the network cancel it. I am also hoping that another network is smart enough to pick it up and renew it.

  • Deb

    I’m so sorry to see this show end.  There so much junk on television and this was the best show on t.v.  in a long time.  I’m so disappointed that it has been cancelled.

  • Joem19

    Once again a good show is cancelled while the garbage stays on the networks.   It is such a shame, Awake is an awesome show.  Hope another network picks it up.

  • Janisg1

    A show you actually have to pay attention to to ‘get’….and they cancel it. Go figure. We’ve turned into a mindless set of drones who need to be spoon fed entertainment. Another great show gone.