in the tall grass
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We’ve known that Netflix was planning on adapting Stephen King and his son Joe Hill’s novella ‘In The Tall Grass‘ and things are moving forward as some casting announcements having been revealed! Joining the production will be Patrick Wilson (‘The Conjuring’,’Fargo’), Laysla De Oliveira (‘iZombie’,’Covert Affairs’), and Harrison Gilbertson (‘Need for Speed’,’Fallen’). The thriller is to begin filming in Toronto with Vincenzo Natali (‘Splice’,’Hannibal’) sitting in the director’s chair.

Previously, James Marsden was attached in the leading role but had to leave the production due to scheduling issues. This will be Netflix’s third outing based off of Stephen King’s work after their releases of ‘Gerald’s Game’ and ‘1922’.

For those unfamiliar with the work, ‘In the Tall Grass’ is about a brother and sister who are Irish-twins. While the two are in college, the sister finds out she is pregnant, and it has been decided that she will live with her aunt and uncle until the child is born. Her brother agrees to go on a cross-country trip for Spring break with her to get her there safely. The journey takes a sudden turn for the worse at a pitstop in an open field they try to find a boy who is shouting for help, and they find themselves trapped in a world of terror when they go to attempt and help the boy.

Are you looking forward to an adaptation of ”In The Tall Grass’? Is Netflix the perfect spot for King’s works to be brought to life? For those who have read the story, do you think they can make it as dark as the novella was? Share your thoughts below!

You’ll be able to travel ‘In The Tall Grass’ in 2019 on Netflix!

Source: Deadline