Last November, Syfy announced its new reality show called ‘Robot Combat League‘ where large robots controlled by contestants fight each other inside a boxing ring in a high tech ‘Rock ‘em Sock’em event. If this sounds a little like the film ‘Reel Steel,’ then you get the idea! Large robots go against each other as 12 teams fight to be the last one/robot standing.

‘Robot Combat League’ will be hosted by WWE’s Chris Jericho and we have a video interview where he talks about the series, what to expect and his experience with the robots.

Just like George Lucas when he visited the set, Jericho was quite impressed with the robots that were built for the show. Not only does the wresting superstar talk about the speed and dexterity of the mechanical fighters, he also alludes on how startling robotics has advanced:

“It’s a little bit scary. It’s like Skynet. Twenty years when the robots destroy the human race, we’re gonna know that we saw it here first on the Syfy channel.”

You can watch the interview as well as see some robotic fighting action in the video below!

Robot Combat League premieres Tuesday, February 26 at 10PM ET on Syfy.