If you were one of those people who felt depressed that the planet of Pandora was inaccessible after the initial release of ‘Avatar’, there’s no need to trek all the way to Alpha Centauri. However, you are going to have to venture to New Jersey, so let’s hope you can handle it.

The Liberty Science Center will host “AVATAR: The Exhibition” starting on February 16th and will feature interactive exhibits where you can pretend to be a Na’vi or James Cameron.

Yes, you read the latter correctly, but no, that part of exhibit isn’t a deep ocean trench to simultaneously scuba dive and intimidate film crews. Actually, it’s a monitor based on the virtual camera that was invented specifically for filming ‘Avatar’. You can film a scene and see it computer-rendered, just like the King of the World did. Pretty neat.

If you’re aching to pretend you have a neural whip, your desires will be met as well. Yes, you too can be a Zoe Saldana. Step onto a virtual set and you can create a performance-capture avatar. Keep those humans away from your unobtanium! Pretend you have a direhorse named Sam Worthington! Oh, the possibilities seem endless!

(Well, there is an end. The exhibit lasts until May 19th.)

Additionally, you can see concept art that was created for the film, learn how to speak Na’vi, and create a new type of plant to grow on Pandora.

If you were fortunate enough to grow up in NJ, you know that the Liberty Science Center was the place you went for school field trips. Therefore, I urge you not to get too jealous of all those kids and chaperones who get to experience Pandora during a school day. Hometree instead of homeroom? Those lucky ducks…