Filming will start next week on Season 2 of ‘American Horror Story’ and although it looks like the show already has a full star-studded cast, the producers have not yet finished completing the roster.

We already know that the series will take place in the 1960’s at an institute for the criminally insane that Jessica Lange’s character (who just happens to be a nun) runs. We also know that Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe will return in completely 180 degree roles than what they played in Season 1. For example, Evan Peters will be playing the good guy this time around. In addition, this season will deal with the subject of sanity and it also seems sexuality as so far the guest starring list involves Chloe Sevigny as Shelly the nymphomaniac, Lizzie Brochere as Gia the “ferocious wild-child sexpot”, Adam Levine as one half of a couple called “The Lovers,” Joseph Fiennes as the object of Lange’s character’s affection and Chris Zylka as a deaf-mute who is the “most beautiful boy in the world.” In addition, James Cromwell will play Dr. Arden, someone who works under Lange’s character and will cause her a lot of conflict.

Now it seems the producers are going to go all out as they have put out casting calls for more roles. According to TVLine, it looks like they are also looking for someone to play Wendy (a lesbian hippie in her 30’s), Abigail (a prostitute), Frank Mcguire (an authoritative Bostonian who is also chief of security at a hospital), Mother Superior Claudia (the boss of Lange’s character), Father Malechi (an Irish priest), Morley Potter (“a salt of the earth” farmer), Barb and Lois (two lesbians that may or may not be a couple), and Carl (a former military man who’s now an orderly at the institution).

So let the speculation begin as to what showrunner Ryan Murphy has in store for the viewers. With the religious aspect involved, maybe some of the story will deal with exorcisms?

No exact date to when Season 2 of ‘American Horror Story’ will debut but you can bet it will be sometime close to Halloween!