Earlier today, the official PlayStation YouTube channel released a mysterious video with the title “Game Day 2013 Teaser.” The 16-second video is very vague and ends with a single line of text that reads “February 1, 2013.” Have a look at the video:

So what could it all mean? Initial impressions point to a new commercial or announcement about the upcoming PlayStation-exclusive ‘God of War: Ascension’. The final bit of text is presented in a font very similar to the one used in the “Ascension” subtitle. While many believe that it is a hint toward a Super Bowl trailer, the date is a bit odd, as the “big game” isn’t until Sunday, February 3.

The female in the video is dressed in attire befitting a character from the ‘God of War’ franchise, and could be representing Athen or possibly Kratos’ wife Lysandra. She seems to be walking among falling ash, and as fans of the franchise knows, Kratos was punished by the gods and forced to be forever marked by the ashes of his dead family, turning his skin white. The opening of the eye could symbolize that the image of the woman was only a dream, and the eye bears striking resemblance to Kratos’.

Of course, with ‘God of War: Ascension’ being just over a month away, and so many details already known, could Sony be preparing for the announcement of a brand-new entry to the franchise? Apart from the main series that spanned three titles across the PlayStation 2 and PS3, there were several titles for the PlayStation Portable, and it seems very likely that Sony would bring their biggest franchise to their latest handheld system, the Vita.

Either way, it looks like Sony is going to make an announcement on Friday, with a full reveal set during the Superbowl on February 3.

Keep an eye of the official PlayStation YouTube channel for more information.