Ubisoft recently announced that ‘Zombi,’ a port of the WiiU game ‘ZombiU,’ will be released on PC, Playstation 4, and XBox One. ‘ZombiU,’ a loose remake of Ubisoft’s 1986 game, ‘Zombi,’ was a launch game for the WiiU. It received mixed but mostly favorable reviews but sold rather poorly. It featured inventive uses of the WiiU’s gamepad and an interesting permadeath system, where every death would cause you to take on a new character who would often have to find and kill your old character’s zombified corpse to get back the items you had before.

Due to the unique nature of some of ‘ZombiU’s’ gameplay elements, Ubisoft has had to change or eliminate several features that required use of the WiiU gamepad’s screen. For instance, the game’s minimap was displayed on the gamepad screen, forcing you to look away from the TV if you wanted to get your bearings. It’s the same story with the inventory system, which would force you to look away from the TV when you wanted to get something out of your backpack, which could be very tense if there were zombies nearby. Ubisoft is still bringing these features over, just changed somewhat. The inventory will be brought up over the main screen, but you’ll still have a sort of peripheral vision around it. However, not all the WiiU features will return. There was a form of local multiplayer on the WiiU that Ubisoft felt couldn’t be ported over well, and so it was simply cut. However, to try and make up for it they are adding in a few new, minor elements that the WiiU does not have, such as additional weapons and items that will vary your gameplay experience a bit. You can read a bit more about the port on the UbiBlog.

‘Zombi’ will be released on PC, PS4, and XBox One this coming August 18th.