Monday nights might be a little empty for you right now without new episodes of ‘Revolution’ to give you your post-apocalyptic fix. Not to worry though! Thanks to EW we’ve learned that there are going to be animated webisodes to give us more insight into a future where no powered devices will function. I honestly feel this is one of the better post-apocalyptic story lines that have been put together so far. A man-made disaster that didn’t directly wipe out the populace but did put us in a world that has been drastically altered that takes away all of our creature comforts? Yes please!

OK, we do have to deal with some teen angst and a cast that looks as if they are, for the most part, both freshly washed and receiving the latest shampoos and conditioners instead of struggling. I’ll admit that the show has flaws, but it’s actors and overall story arc makes up for what the other shows such as ‘Falling Skies‘ and ‘The Walking Dead‘ have mostly gotten right. There is no power, people are worried more about surviving than keeping their hair shiny. At least in ‘Falling Skies’ people get dirty and when they do find a location with power, they are noticeably cleaner after. Those two minor issues aside, though, I really can’t stress enough how much I’ve been loving this show.

There will be six webisodes that will initially premiere on February 18th that will be available on, YouTube, Hulu and VOD services. It will start with “Wheatley’s Letters: May 7th” which you can view below. The name should help give it away but the webisodes are going to be based on the letters written by Sgt. Joseph Wheatley (Reed Diamond.) Can’t remember Wheatley off the top of your head? Well let me give you a refresher. He was the undercover plant put in the resistance on General Monroe’s orders who ended up leading Miles and company into the tunnels under Philadelphia. There you go. Now you remember the double agent in question quite vividly, I suspect. He was an excellent character whose death by crossbow sequence was well played. Sadly this means we won’t be seeing him again aside from in animated flashback form here.

As a bonus with this announcement we also have a special edition of the original pilot!  This version features exclusive commentary by showrunner Eric Kripke and executive producer and director Jon Favreau. Being able to see the people responsible for the creation of a show talk about the meaning and what they love about it can often not only be fun for fans but enlightening on where the direction of a show may actually be.

NBC is making sure fans don’t forget about ‘Revolution’ while it’s on hiatus. Take a look and tell us if this is enough to satisfy you until the series returns.

‘Revolution’ Animated Series:

‘Revolution’ – Pilot Episode with Commentary