The hits just keep on coming. After last week’s season premiere, Being Human fans are treated to the fallout and just what it means for Aidan, Josh, and the newly resurrected Sally.

But we take a bit of a detour from our trio plus (a curious quartet now that Nora’s included in our starting lineup) as a scruffy, desperate looking guy pays a visit to a nest of sickly Dutch vampires. He demands them to tell him the whereabouts of his son and he’ll let them die in pieces (pun intended) but then he sees his son’s werewolf head stapled to the wall like a 20-point buck. Well, things go downhill from there for the vampires as he stakes each and every one of them. With the ash of half a dozen vampires surrounding him, our stranger vows revenge of the highest caliber against his son’s murderer. It doesn’t bode well, then, for Being Human’s resident vampire who’s spent the last fifteen months buried alive. Mr. Scruffy is none other than the father of Bryn and Conor, the pure blood werewolves Nora ran with in the wild.

Speaking of Aidan, the grit and determination that’s fueled him during his underground incarceration powers him as he crawls toward the van and low on blood as he is, he has no recourse but to ingest his own blood which, to me, is like being forced to drink your own urine for liquid intake. Of course, blood is his life while pee isn’t for us, so there’s that difference…

MOVING ON…back at the house Nick and Stevie are so enjoying their new ‘not dead’ status. Nick’s going hot and heavy with Zoe, the resident ghost whisperer, before the reunited couple take off while Stevie, after Sally’s hits Josh up for a few hundred for the boy wonder, goes on his own walkabout. The two roomies don’t get a chance to enjoy the solitude as Josh gets a call from none other than the third leg of their tripod, Aidan. They ride out to pick him up and the ensuing reunion is both warm and entertaining. Aidan’s WTF reaction to Sally’s new corporeal-ness is classic and things don’t stop there. Once they get back home, the banter between the three only reinforces just how close they are. Their interactions are so natural and organic, it’s not hard to see the three as best friends. With everyone returned to their rightful spots in life, Sally’s ready to partay! Though Nora would love to go, it’s a full moon night so she’ll be sitting it out in the storage unit. When the two ladies depart—Sally’s all about borrowing more of Nora’s clothes—Aidan and Josh catch up on the goings on in the world. Aidan’s definitely concerned about the price being enacted for the blood magic used to resurrect Sally. He also tells Josh about the vampire plague traveling around and the difficult with feeding. Unfortunately Josh can’t help as he got hit with the flu, thus infecting his blood with the vampire killing formula. With Aidan being in the ground for fifteen plus months and only subsisting on his own blood, he’s slowly climbing towards desperation and just where he can safely get his next meal. Josh knows something is really bothering his vampire friend and though he asks, Aidan tells Josh there are some things he’d rather keep to himself before walking out the door.

As everyone goes off on their own, Nora and Josh (ignorant of the fact that Bryn and Conor’s father is looking for her at the hospital) are doing their couple thing, taking a walk in the park when Nora brings up how, for every full moon, Josh has remained there for her, sleeping outside of the storage unit. Though it touches her she doesn’t want the monster stuff—not just her but Aidan and Sally—holding him back. Live, she tells him, because if he doesn’t, everything they did with Ray will have been in vain.

Rule no. 1 of resurrection: you don’t socialize with the past!

Josh takes Nora’s words to heart and goes out on the town with Sally. He truly doesn’t know what to do with himself, being that it’s his first free full moon night since he’d first been turned. She asks him what he wants to do and it’s both simple and shocking: propose to Nora. Sally’s taken aback by his desire, wondering if its’ the right thing to do but Josh knows it is. For the last year of living together the two have grown closer and not being at her side at the storage unit has made him truly realize what’s important. Sally cautions him about jumping into things when Trent, someone from Sally’s past, recognizes her.  At a temporary loss, she goes with the ‘faked my death’ soap opera line, one that Trent buys with the naïveté of Manti T’eo and the two start getting a bit more than friendly. In fact, she’s all about taking him home and though Josh tries his best to dissuade her, Sally’s newly re-discovered hormones are having none of it.  They go back to the house but Trent’s not feeling so hot and admits that he wants to take her out the next night and, after giving him another kiss, they agree to a date.

While Sally and Josh are out on the town, Aidan scours the streets for any hint of untainted blood. He runs to his old blood ‘donor’ Tracy but she’s tainted after being hit with the flu. She directs him to a guy she’d heard had the market cornered on fresh blood and when Aidan meets the guy in a back alley, he’s selling baby blood. The hunger has gotten to the point where Aidan doesn’t care, nor can he sense the duplicitous nature of the guy; it’s a set up and he gets accosted by three wolves. They’re beating him down, ready to administer the coup de grace (that’s code word for “stake” in the vampire vernacular) when Henry pops out from the shadows like Batman and kills two of the three attackers. Henry takes his weakened maker back to his pad where he introduces Aidan to his girlfriend Emma, who also doubles as his untainted blood supply. Knowing just how bad it’s getting for Aidan, Henry volunteers Emma as a quick MRE and though she agrees, her expression hints that there’s a bit more to the story. When they go in the room, she ends up freaking and Aidan realizes Henry’s been keeping her locked up to prevent her from being exposed to the flu. When she tries to flee, Henry blocks her egress before compelling her with emotions for him she’s long forgotten, if she ever had in the first place. Aidan is sickened by his once child’s behavior and storms out, not even taking a quick sip of what, to him, is filet to a starving man.

Aidan’s home when Sally arrives and the two of them chat on the couch. Sally’s so happy about being back alive and offers herself—in blood and as a friend—to Aidan, reminding her vampire roomie that he has the support of her and Josh and doesn’t have to be Mr. Stoic all the time. He touches her again, amazed that she’s alive and their fingers start to do the dance that often leads to other things and is the first stirring of UST (unresolved sexual tension for those unfamiliar with fanfiction) for our two companions.

Preparing for her inevitable change in the storage unit, Nora is surprised when Liam McClain, Bryn and Conor’s dad,

Nora chats with an unexpected guest

comes knocking. He questions her about his kids and, despite her best efforts, he knows she’s lying and goes about locking himself in with her. When they turn, he says, his wolf will be able to know the truth of her character and whether or not she should be trusted or…well, you get the idea.

The next morning Sally’s up and bubbly after her first night as a real girl since her death and she runs into Josh. The former wolf tells her how he’s been up all night, just walking the streets (and narrowly avoiding a potential mugging) and has resolved to ask Nora to marry him. Again Sally balks, making a good point on just how a woman probably wouldn’t like getting asked the question after spending all night as a caged furry.  Though Josh listens, his mind is made up but they are interrupted by sirens outside and when they investigate, the EMT’s are putting Trent in a body bag. Josh surmises that his presence in Sally’s life pre-death and Donna the witch’s warning has come to pass.

Across town, Henry storms out of his apartment, frantically searching for Emma when he runs into Aidan waiting for him. He tells Henry he let Emma go and his former charge is none too happy at losing his only viable means of sustenance in the city. Aidan tries putting things into perspective, bringing up his plots of revenge on Mother as his body withered underground. He can’t live like they did before. Henry challenges Aidan’s line of thinking, petulantly rejecting Aidan’s attempts. Henry’s a survivor and Aidan knows his friend can find a way to make it. Henry doubts it and, before Aidan can offer up any more words of wisdom, Henry walks away, telling his creator that neither one of them will be able to survive. He can’t live like he did with Henry before; Henry says Aidan can’t make him live like that. Aidan knows Henry is a survivor but Henry says they won’t survive.

Prognosis: not good. Not good at all

At the storage unit, Josh arrives but not in time. The door has been clawed open and a giant smear of blood is visible on the ground in front of the unit. Oh yeah, and there’s not a single trace of Nora or crazy-psycho dad, Liam McClain.

In a world of vampires, werewolves, and ghosts, nothing stands pat or is ever easy. Though Sally and Josh have both received their humanity, it doesn’t come without a price. Not only does Josh have to remind everyone that he’s still there for them despite his monster-less status, but now he has to cope with being a regular Joe in a mixed up world of the supernatural. And that’s not even factoring in his very real hallucination at the bar. In Sally’s case, it sounds like she’s an anathema to those who knew her before and will be isolated from her past and locked into her present and future. If only things were that simple…

As far as the fully functional of the supernatural quartet go, Aidan’s looking like he’ll be experiencing some PTSD of the “I was buried alive for a year” variety as well as the slight problem of finding out just where to go for some good old fashioned human blood. Nora’s problems, at least for the moment, are a bit more severe as I don’t think the blood staining the floor of the storage unit was Liam’s and if his wolf could indeed filter out what she’s be lying about, well, it doesn’t bode will for our furry female. Boding well for the show though will be the addition of Liam, a big bad who will be setting his sights on Aidan and company just as soon as he discovers who it was that killed his son.

Buckle up everyone and hold on to your butts.