Michelle Yeoh Star Trek

They say you can’t have too much of a good thing. With regard to ‘Star Trek’, at least, it seems as though we’re about to test that theory. Given the success of the first season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, it was a given that there would be more ‘Trek’ coming and that it would likely come sooner rather than later. Over the last six months, we’ve seen the announcements of ‘Star Trek: Short Treks‘ (which aired its first installment in October), a series picking up with Captain Picard some twenty years after we last saw him in ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’, and the animated ‘Lower Decks‘. That’s three major announcements in less than a year. And now we’re hearing whispers of a fourth.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Michelle Yeoh is currently in talks that – if successful – would see her ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ character spun off into her own series. That show, like ‘Discovery’ and the other recently announced ‘Trek’ spinoffs, would air via CBS All Access. Neither CBS All Access nor CBS TV Studios have offered any official comment at this time.

Michelle Yeoh made her first ‘Star Trek’ appearance in the two-part premiere of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ last fall. Though her character, Captain Phillipa Georgiou, was killed off in the second episode, her shadow loomed large over much of the season. In the eleventh episode, Yeoh returned to ‘Discovery’ as Georgiou’s counterpart from Mirror Universe, where she reigned as absolute ruler of the Terran Empire. Following an attempted coup, she returned to the Prime Universe aboard the Discovery and helped the Federation win its war with the Klingon Empire. Following this (in a bonus scene released at WonderCon), she is recruited into Section 31, an officially non-existent black-ops element within Starfleet Intelligence. Beyond that, we know she will return in the second season, which in turn may serve to set up the proposed spinoff.

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