If you and your friends debate all night about the best way to kill a horde of undead, the solution will soon be definitively answered. After 9 years of challenging the validity of myths, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (along with the ‘Mythbusters’ crew of Grant Imahara, Tony Belleci and Kari Byron) are finally tackling a subject that has been debated upon through many decades: zombies!

For those unfamiliar with the series, ‘Mythbusters’ takes common sayings, rumors, movie scenes, newstories  and urban legends and attempt to verify their accuracy by directly testing them through scientific methods. Some of the topics they’ve tackled in the past include can a glass really break by singing a note, is it really as easy to move and bury a dead body as it is in the movies, is it possible to make a moving SUV flip end-over-end by punching down on the hood (as seen in the film ‘Hellboy’), can you really make a parachute out of materials in a hotel room, can mirrors be used to reflect sunlight and illuminate a tomb (as seen in ‘The Mummy’), and a fan favorite, when the poop hits the fan, does everyone get covered in the ensuing chaos? Now, the people at ‘Mythbusters’ are currently working on a zombie themed episode!

The episode is slated to be filmed at the end of January/beginning of February and while the exact myths are unknown, one of the topics they’ll be handling is how to decimate a throng of undead as they come after you.

But they can’t do this alone, so they are asking for help. Via Twitter, the show is looking for 300 volunteers to help them prove or disprove all those zombie theories that have been debated upon. All you have to do is be over 18 years old, fill out the questionnaire and send a photo of yourself (it might help if you put in two, one with and one without zombie make up). If chosen you will have the distinct bragging privileges of being part of the experiment that will finally answer the age old question of the best way to kill zombies!

The zombie episode will air this upcoming season and if you are chosen as one of the undead, make sure you let us know!