SPOILER ALERT!  This is a full episode recap, so if you want to avoid spoilers, please watch the episode before reading this!

Having returned to the Interceptor, Razer spurns the advances of Aya, when she offers to help him scan for the Anti-Monitor.  Meanwhile, Sinestro contacts the Lanterns and Hal and Kilowog are split in their opinion of him.  Hal worships him, but Kilowog thinks he is a loose cannon.  At any rate, Sinestro needs a “lift” and Hal obliges, despite a warning from the Spider Guild not to interfere.  When the Interceptor goes to collect Sinestro and his prisoner, Neuroxis, the Spider Guild self-destruct their own ship in an effort to stop them.

Sinestro locks up Neuroxis and dismisses Razer and Aya, before going to rest.

Moments later, however, the power goes off.  Aya detects that someone has tampered with the power couplings, when suddenly Razer is struck down by a bolt of yellow energy… Sinestro, obviously corrupted, enters the bridge, weilding an energy rifle.

Hal attempts to reason with him, but Sinestro opens fire.  He ensnares Hal and Kilowog in an energy net, but Razer awakens and takes him down.  The Lanterns lock Sinestro up with Naroxis, minus his ring, which Kilowog secures.  When questioned, Sinestro doesn’t recall his attack on the others.

Hal tells Aya to lock up Sinestro’s weapon and all of the Spider Guild tech they confiscated, but in an extremely uncomfortable sequence, Razer corners Aya and goes all pervy on her before taking the rifle, which he claims Hal asked him to secure so they could examine it.

Aya speaks to Hal, who tries to explain the concept of hormones to her, but when she asks if he received the weapon he “requested” the Lanterns are tipped off that things aren’t quite what they seem.

Hal goes to the brig to investigate, when Razer appears and attempts to gun him down.  Hal takes the rifle from him, then a strange look comes across Hal’s face as he strikes Razer down.  Hal then gets on the intercom and calls Kilowog down.

In his cell, Sinestro begind examining the structure.  He pulls out a knife that he had hidden and attempts to escape.  Elsewhere, Kilowog approaches the brig, and Hal attempts to kill him with the yellow energy rifle.

Sinestro finds Aya on the bridge and reclaims his ring.  Aya comments that no one is behaving predictably.  Sinestro explains that this is the handiwork of Neuroxis, which he describes as a mind-jumper.

Below, Kilowog manages to disarm Hal and trap him in a ring construct, but Razer seems to awaken and attacks Kilowog.  Hal surmises that one of them is an assassin… but who?  Hal points out that when Neuroxis possesses someone, they lose the ability to create constructs with their rings, thus the use of the rifle.  He then states that if they can create a construct with their ring, then they aren’t under Neuroxis’ control.  This goes poorly, though and soon the heroes are all turning on one another.

Sinestro and Aya then confront them and Sinestro reveals that Neuroxis took over control of the Spider Guild leader, causing him to destroy their ship.  Sinestro depressurized the ship, in an effort to get Neuroxis to jump back into its own body, in the cell, the one room on the ship that will remain pressurized.  His theory is that the Lanterns’ rings will keep them alive despite the lack of oxygen.  Sinrestro, Hal and Kilowog light up with emerald energy… but Razer starts to gasp for air!  Hal attempts to reason with Neuroxis, but the villain hangs on until the last minute.  Finally, Razer glows with red energy as Neuroxis retreats to his real body… but Sinestro reveals that when he broke out of the cell, the atmosphere ion the cell was damaged.  Neuroxis dies as a result.

Later, Razer asks if he “harmed” Aya while possessed by Neuroxis and she comments that she should have known he wasn’t himself because he expressed interest in spending time with her.

This is the first appearance of Sinestro on this program and already we see signs of his corruption.  We also got to see further development in the relationship between Razer and Aya.  But over all, we get very little in terms of the Anti-Monitor story line.  This episode felt very “inserted.”

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