The Marvel NOW! train keeps chugging along and Marvel just released this teaser image that shows a DNA strand and two letters, “XX.”  The fan community has exploded with speculation that this signals a new all female X-title, perhaps X-Women.  (Females have two X chromosomes.)  Having already announced Fearless Defenders with an all-female cast, could Marvel possibly be crafting a second all-female super team?!  That would truly be unprecedented!  (Would it be greedy to ask for a third, Shevengers?  Well, I won’t get ahead of myself.)

The X-Men franchise is celebrated for showcasing well-rounded, powerful female characters, so this is a logical *ahem* evolution for them.  Marvel has yet to verify that this is the true definition behind this image, should this be the case, which she-mutants should be included?  Here are my picks (using Roman numerals, just for fun!).

X. Magik

Colossus’ little sis has stepped into the big leagues recently, joining Cyclops’ all-star team and even becoming part of the Phoenix Force Five.  She mixes sorcery with her mutant teleportation ability and slings a mean Soul Sword.  She’d certainly be an asset!

IX. Firestar

Firestar originated on the NBC Saturday morning cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, but was adapted into the comics shortly thereafter and has been a long-term member of the New Warriors and the Avengers.  But considering she’s a mutant, it’s a bit odd that she’s never actually been an X-Man.  She’s one of the higher profile mutants in the Marvel Universe… shouldn’t she put in her fair share of time in THE mutant super team?

VIII. Polaris

Magneto’s other daughter took off at the end of the AvX to do her own thing, but with her amazing magnetic abilities and near dauntless longevity (she’s been an X-Man since the 1960s), she could offer quite a bit to a new team.

VII. (tie) Blink and Pixie


Both of these young ladies are ingenues, but they couldn’t be more different.  Blink comes from the war-ravaged Age of Apocalypse universe and has a darker attitude… and amazing teleportation abilities.  Pixie is effervescent and enthusiastic.  She has fairy wings and a mysterious pixie dust ability.  It might be fun to throw both of these opposing personalities on the same team.  And they both appear to love purple, so that’s some common ground.

VI. Jean Grey

Okay, she’s kinda dead.  But that’s never stopped her before.  Is it right to launch a new title devoted to the female X-Men and not include the very first?  If Marvel doesn’t resurrect the original Jean, there is the new young Jean (or Marvel Girl, rather) from All New X-Men.  She could sub in!  But then again, if Marvel needed an excuse to revive the 616 Jean, this is it!

V. The Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is probably the most well-known mutant in the Marvel Universe that, like Firestar, has never been a member of the X-Men.  Several X-Men have joined the Avengers recently, maybe this longstanding Avenger could cross over to the X-Side.  Rogue is her teammate in the Uncanny Avengers.  Perhaps they can tag out.  And in case you’re thinking “How can she be on both teams?”  Ahem, Wolverine.

IV. Hope Summers

Few mutants have had a higher profile in recent years than Hope Summers, the “hope” of the mutant race, the adopted daughter of Cable (and therefor the granddaughter of Cyclops) has the ability to mimic others’ super powers and was considered the “mutant messiah.”  She’s rekindled the mutant race… well, now what?

III. Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is one of the most iconic X-Men in the team’s history and is widely considered as the first “realistic” teen charcacter in comics.  She’s been an X-Man for three+ decades, but recently took on the role of headmistress of the Jean Grey School.  Isn’t it time she hit the field again?

II. Storm

Honestly, can you even have an X-Team without Storm?  She’s the longest running X-Men team leader.  She’s probably the highest profile black super hero in comics.  She’s incredibly powerful.  She’s… EVERYTHING!  I seriously can’t even invision an X-Book without her.

I. Emma Frost

If Cyclops is the President of the mutant nation, that makes Emma the First Lady.  In the last couple of years, Emma has risen in prominensce, situating herself as the top female mutant character in comics.

What do you think?  Who would you like to see in an all-female X-Book?  Comment below!