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Take all rumors with a grain of salt, of course – but as rumors go, this one is certainly intriguing.  According to Jeff Sneider in his latest episode of ‘Meet the Movie Press,’ production company 20th Century Fox allegedly has interest in bringing Angelina Jolie on-board to star in the next X-Men film, ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix.’

After the show aired, Sneider took to Twitter to answer a few questions, including clarifying that he doesn’t believe that Jolie will actually take on the role, but that Fox does have interest in her.  If not, Jolie, then, Sneider also seemed to indicate that Jessica Chastain could be a contender for the same role.

So – let the rampant speculation begin!  It certainly seems that the story will include a new primary female character, if Fox really is putting out the feelers for a lead actress.  The most recent X-film, ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ took place in 1983, so if this film follows in the timeline not too far after that, it’s not too far off from the disco era – please let it be the Dazzler, please let it be the Dazzler…

‘X-Men; Dark Phoenix’ will debut in American theaters on November 2, 2018.

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