The annual Consumer Electronics Show has finally started, and with it comes some of the biggest announcements and hands-on demonstrations in the technology world. Nvidia has already made an impression in the gaming world after revealing their new Android-powered gaming device, Project Shield.

Nvidia is hoping to revolutionize the mobile gaming market by bringing a full-featured portable device that combines an advanced console-style controller with the portability of a 5-inch HD touch screen. The device allows users to watch Netflix, check Facebook, and search the web through the home screen’s Google search bar, much like any other tablet on the market. However, Nvidia’s main focus with the Shield is providing an excellent on-the-go experience.

Users will have access to the Google Play marketplace to purchase Android-powered games, but perhaps the most exciting feature is the console’s ability to stream PC games from a computer to the device via a high-speed WiFi connection. Hands-on reports have stated that the feature works exceptionally well, and demonstrations have shown ‘Borderlands 2’ running flawlessly, albeit at a lower resolution to fit the Shield’s small screen. Best of all, the Shield is even compatible with Steam games.

There are, of course, some drawbacks. In order to use the PC streaming feature, gamers must have a compatible Nvidia graphics card (600 series or higher) and be running the GeForce Experience optimization wizard, which means that the cost of streaming PC games will be fairly high. However, it is likely that the Shield will only appeal to those who already have a great gaming rig, and Nvidia knows their target market.

There are still a lot of details to be uncovered about the Nvidia Shield, including a price and release date, but we’ll have updates as they come.