Hey Horror fans, we have a few new juicy clips from upcoming film ‘Mama’ for your viewing pleasure. Prepare to be scared…or at least thoroughly creeped out.

Clip One – Bad Ass Jessica Chastain

Just in case her level of cool was being disputed, this clip confirms Jessica’s overall bad-assness as we see her here, having a mini-jam-session with her electric guitar. Flickering lights should be a pretty good warning sign of danger to come but that did not prepare me for the fright that ensued during this clip. A little wild child gets all sneaky in the kitchen and pops up onto the counter out of nowhere. Yeesh, if you wanted a cookie, all you had to do was ask.

Clip Two – WTF?!

How did she get under her bed so fast!? Seemingly sweet Nikolaj Coster-Waldau gets bitch-slapped by one of his supersonic nieces in this clip. After seeing their behavior, I think they’d be wise to put locks on their bedroom doors and invest in some guard dogs.

Clip Three – ‘I’m Not Your Mom, You Freaks!’

Jessica is introduced to the little ones in this clip, and she clearly has some issues with how they address her. Maybe she doesn’t want kids? Maybe she doesn’t like kids? Guess we’ll have to see the movie to find out more about why Jessica is a child-hater, but for now I think afraid of kids should be high on her list. Have to say though, that once these girls got all cleaned up, they’re pretty friggin cute.

Clip Four – I’m Never Sleeping Again

Holy balls, this is terrifying! Jessica is trying to take a little cat nap when apparently the evil thing under her bed has alternate plans for her. She awakes with a start as one of the tiny tots is just STARING at her/under the bed (no thanks for the warning kid!), paralyzed by fear, Jessica dares to ask “What’s under the bed?”. If that was me, I’d more than likely I’d leap from my bed like a cheetah and run out the front door, arms flailing. Sorry loved ones, your on your own here.

Based on these clips this movie looks like its going to be pretty hard core with the scares, and that delights me to no end. Movie hits theaters January 18th and I look forward to seeing it, although I might need to hold someone’s hand during. Gulp. Let us know in the comments section below if these clips are enticing enough to get you to see the movie!