This issue introduces Milan, yet another of Zeus’ bastard children, this one gifted with some kind of power related to sight.  It isn’t clear, but it would seem to be a precognitive power or an ability to see beyond normal vision.  Whatever it is, Milan considers his gift to be a curse and wears a blindfold and lives as a homeless person in (actually under) New York City.  Despite his hatred of his abilities, Orion of the New Gods comes to him for aid.

Also approaching him is Lennox, in the hopes that Milan can locate Z0la’s baby, who was kidnapped by Hermes in issue #12.  Wonder Woman accompanies him and is visited by another of her godly bretheren which results in a modification to one of her most famous super powers.

Meanwhile, Hera and Zola… might actually be bonding.  WHA–?!

Sadly, I still feel like we’re in the first storyline of this series and we’re up to issue #15.  I mean, yeah comics are serials, but the various arcs leading up to now haven’t had enough resolution to satisfactorily punctuate them.  This issue was decently written.  There’s a scene bridging device employed that I wanted to think was clever, but since I’ve seen it used before, I just found it sort of annoying.

In general, this was a lighter issue, featuring a goddess watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and quippy bickering, but the same complaints I have about this series continue to plague it here.  Wonder Woman herself has zero personality, beyond being “good.”  There is such a large cast that she feels drowned out by them, especially when some of them are such mysteries, that so much page space must be devoted to explaining them.  (Diana herself is really the only character carried over from the old continuity, since her extended family have all been revamped from scratch.)

The art by Cliff Chiang is, as always, fantastic, though.  And don’t get me wrong, the writing wasn’t awful by any means, but there wasn’t anything fresh about it.  There were some interesting developments and I’ve been hoping for something more traditionally super heroic, so adding Orion to the mix satisfies that.  It’s… better than average.


Written by Brian Azzarello
Art and Cover by Cliff Chiang