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Health and gaming website GamerFitNation is calling out for all gamers to help show respect for the victims of the last week’s shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Website CEO Antwand Pearman is asking that all online gamers participate in a virtual ceasefire for a full 24 hours on Friday to pay respect to the families and victims affected by the tragedy that occurred on December 14. There are several media outlets that continually point the blame at violence in video games and their impact on the increasing violence in society, and Pearman wants to show the world that gamers are just as sensitive to these events as anyone else. Pearman stated that the campaign is “not to say videogames are to blame, it’s more to show people that we gamers give a damn.”

The campaign has already been receiving a lot of support on Twitter via the hashtag #OSCeaseFire, and hacktivist group Anonymous has voiced their support for the ceasefire as well.

As an online gamer, I will definitely be holstering my virtual weapon for the full 24 hour period. Show your support by spreading this news to other gamers, and make sure to watch Antwand Pearman’s video below: