After unceremoniously yanking the DC Nation block of programming from the air just hours before new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice were set to air in October, then failing to fill fans in on why, Cartoon Network has finally thrown viewers a bone by releasing a new trailer, teasing the return of the block on January 5th 2013.  Check it out below:

Amethyst finally gets to soar onto the small screen.

Quite a few nifty clues are revealed, which should get fans fired up.  We see the debut of Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern as well as the potential for Hal to be corrupted by the Orange Power Rings on Green Lantern.  On Young Justice, the Justice League is back, with Superman and The Flash depicted.  (Both were among the heroes that went into space to clear their names, after they were manipulated by Vandal Savage.)  Even more importantly, we see the young heroes are joined by an African American hero with electric powers.  Presumably, this is Static, but there is one other possibility.  As I pointed out, in the episode ‘Beneath,’ a character that bears a strong resemblance to the Super Friends character Apache Chief appeared along with other ethnic teens that weren’t identified, so it’s possible that the new character is actually a new version of Black Vulcan!  (But, it’s probably Static, spoiling speculation that the Milestone characters were no longer allowed to appear on the show.)

And let’s not forget the shorts!  Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld’s long-awaited short was supposed to air the weekend when the programing block was yanked, so presumably it will be one of the first two to appear.  There is also another shocking selection, joining prior stunners like Vibe and Sword of the Atom (also shown), the Vertigo version of Kid Eternity!  I seriously wonder how that’s going to work out!  (Also depicted is the mega popular Super Best Friends Forever cast, but their creator Lauren Faust has already stated that there are no more of those shorts on the way… maybe next season?  Or better yet, make it its own show!)

So are you excited to see these shows return?  What do you think of these teasers?  Comment below!