Oh, that Steven Moffat! How he likes to tease! The ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special is days away and to prepare for the episode, Moffat has written another prequel for ‘The Snowman.’ This one is titled ‘Vastra Investigates’ and features Strax, Jenny and the reknown detective of the Victorian era, the Silurian, Madame Vastra.

While the first prequel had the three friends try to convince the Doctor that he should return to saving the universe, this one gives a look of the crime fighting duties of the three and how Victorian England takes to their particular skin conditions and “relationships.” It ends with the foreboding of things to come with snow falling but oddly no clouds in the sky.

Remember to tune in on Christmas Day to see how this all turns out when BBC America airs ‘Doctor Who: The Snowmen’ at 9pm, December 25th.

‘Doctor Who: The Snowman’ Prequel – Vastra Investigates:

 Source: BBC