The next conversation that I had at Baltimore Comic Con was with superstar artist Frank Cho. Not only is he known for his work on ‘Mighty Avengers’, ‘Shanna, the She-Devil’, ‘X-Men: Schism’, and ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’, but he’s also created the Image book ‘Liberty Meadows’.

During our interview, Frank touched on his involvement in Marvel NOW, the potential return of the character that he breathed new life into at Marvel, Shanna, and he addressed the rumors that he’d be working on something involving Wolverine.

Though tight lipped on most things that I brought up, especially when it came to Shanna and Wolverine, Mr. Cho did let a few juicy details slip in this exclusive interview, but definitely not enough to get him in trouble at the House of Ideas. If you listen closely, he mentions that a huge announcement regarding one of his next big Marvel projects is coming in October at New York Comic Con. What could it be? Let your speculation begin!

For the full interview, go ahead and press play on the video below, courtesy of The Pretentious Film Majors: