This issue ties into the “H’El on Earth” crossover, tying this series to Supergirl and Superboy and bringing all of these Super characters together, including Superboy, of whom the other two were never even aware.

But first, we get an exchange between Lois and Clark, touching on Clark’s recent decision to quit the Daily Planet in order to become a blogger and on his recent hook up with Wonder Woman.  Their chat is interupted by the arrival of Supergirl, whom Lois mistakes for a cosplayer (and for Clark’s new love interest).

Superman whisks Supergirl off to a park where he chews her out for threatening to blow his secret identity.  But moments later, H’El arrives.  He reveals that he was a student of Jor-El’s, who ventured into space in an experimental craft and was lost, arriving on Earth just recently.  He also plans to “restore” Krypton, hopefully with the cousins’ help.  Kara is sold, but Clark punches holes in H’El’s story.  H’el begins to get angry at his perceived disrespect and vanishes and returns with Superboy, threatening to kill him.  Then the fisticuffs begin!

Overall, this is a fresh take on Clark, who comes across a lot younger and more human than he has in recent years.   His continued pining for Lois feels a bit tired, though.  If DC really wants to break them up and pair him with Wonder Woman, he needs to move on.  And Lois comes across as a bit oblivious to his feelings for her.  Either that or she’s in denial.

The issue is pretty wordy, with lengthy exposition by Clark and long streams of dialogue.  That’s not a bad thing.  It gives you more read for your buck, but unfortunately, it’s a bit clunky in spots.  Overall, it isn’t bad, just a bit awkward here and there.

There was one page where the action appalled me!  I was horrified and prepared to tear this issue a new one, but it was revealed to be a trick, so that tempured that.

As for the art, WOW!  Is it pretty!  Kenneth Rocafort’s work is super detailed, unique and has a painterly look to it.  His panel layouts are completely unique and play to Clark’s Kryptonian heritage.  The writing is good, but the art is fantastic.

All in all, a satisfying read with lovely artwork.


Written by Scott Lobdell
Art by Kenneth Rocafort
Cover by Rocafort and Sunny Gho