When the announcement was made that Disney had acquired Lucasfilms, it was stated that we would be getting more ‘Star Wars’ films. The first Disney-era film planned for 2015 is currently being worked on by writer Michael Arndt and could potentially be directed by ‘X-Men: First Class’ helmer Matthew Vaughn, but the House of Mouse and Lucasfilms co-chairman Kathleen Kennedy have already began looking beyond ‘Episode VII’ as they have locked writers Lawrence Kasdan (‘Empire Strikes Back’ & ‘Return of the Jedi’) and Simon Kinberg (‘X-Men: First Class’ & ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’) to pen additional ‘Star Wars’ films. Though presumed to be episodes VIII and IX in 2017 and 2019, a new report is suggesting that that might not be the case.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, who first reported the news of the writers’ hirings, Kasdan and Kinberg might actually be writing ‘Star Wars’ spinoffs instead of actual episodes. Here’s the direct quote from the article:

“Their scripts could turn into official “Episodes” in the main Skywalker storyline, or they could form the basis for spinoffs focusing on side characters.”

When the acquisition was made, Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned that the plan was to release a new ‘Star Wars’ movie ala Marvel Studios’ model, so at some point we had to expect that we wouldn’t just keep getting trilogies, but who knew that it could happen so soon?

Just imagine the possibilities for a second. What if we got a movie about Boba Fett? Or even better, Han Solo! What if Lawrence Kasdan was writing a Han Solo prequel that showed the iconic character’s famous escapades like his introduction to smuggling, meeting Chewbacca, and the Kessel Run?! Both would make for excellent films in any fans opinion, I’d say.

Maybe they’ll even bring back this costume in a Boba Fett spinoff


Both men are very capable writers, especially Kasdan who is very familiar with the universe already. Whether we get actual episodes or spinoffs from them, I’m sure we’ll end up with some interesting new pieces of the ‘Star Wars’ mythology as long as neither one of them is working on a Jar Jar Binks movie.

What do you think about getting some spinoffs before getting another episode in the new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy? What characters would you like to see get their own films? I’m rooting for something involving Ewoks, but let’s hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comments below!