DC’s latest direct-to-DVD/BluRay animated movie Superman: Unbound arrived in store this Tuesday, showcasing the Man of Steel battling Brainiac, as well as examining the complicated romance between Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent and Lois Lane and Supergirl’s growing pains as she adjusts to life on Earth.  (Read Brian Tudor’s review here.)

In an interview, Molly Quinn (Castle) enthusiastically describes her approach to playing the Girl of Steel and the ways that she connected to the character.

Some highlights for me were:

“It’s a big honor to represent Supergirl… she represents all teen girls, you know, she’s really confident.  The strongest voice of change is a girl!”

“I would like to think that Supergirl and I are similar in a lot of ways… We’re both confident…  We both have a sarcastic sense of humor…  The number one thing between Supergirl and I is we’re both feisty and… have a very strong sense of right.”

“She was a joy to experience and… I’m hoping hoping they’ll bring me back again.”

I think Molly’s chances are pretty good… she did a GREAT job, running a full emotional spectrum, from vulnerability to determination.  This was one of the best… maybe THE best depictions of the character in any adapted medium.  It’s certainly better than the version in Superman/Batman: Apokolips!

Have you seen the movie yet?  What did you think of Molly voice work?  Would you like to see her Supergirl return?  If so, in what storyline?  Comment below!