would like to wish a very happy birthday to comic book writer and author Greg Rucka!

For those of you who are not familiar with his name, you are definitely familiar with his work as he’s written for such comic books as ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Wolverine,’ ‘Whiteout,’ ‘Queen & Country,’ ‘Punisher,’ ‘Batwoman, ‘Superman: World of New Krypton,’  and many many more.

In 1996, Rucka began his writing career with the novel ‘Atticus Kodiak,’ which was about the life of fictional professional body guard Atticus Kodiak. The novel was so successful that it spawned several sequels the last being published in 2007.

At about the same time he was involved with the ‘Atticus Kodiak’ series, Rucka got into the comic book world writing and creating ‘Whiteout’. The four issue limited series was highly praised and he won the Eisner Award for Best Writer and Best Limited Series. The comic book was then followed by a sequel and in 2009, was adapted into a feature film starring Kate Beckinsale (‘Total Recall,’ ‘Underworld’ films) , Alex O’Laughlin (‘Moonlight,’ ‘Hawaii 5-0’) and Tom Skerritt (‘Contact,’ ‘Poltergiest III,’ ‘Top Gun’).

Since then, Rucka has been nominated and has been awarded several Eisner and Harvey awards throughout the years, but it’s his work on ‘Whiteout’ that was the beginning of what Rucka is now well known for: writing strong independent female characters. His writings and creations have opened the door for little girls to also dream about becoming superheroes much like Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Black Widow and Electra. As well as giving these establish super women a strong voice in the comic world, he’s also created some of his own such as Tara Chace in ‘Queen and Country.’

Rucka’s work continues to impress and comic book fans know when they see his name on the cover, they will be in for a real treat!

So we’d like to take this time to wish Greg Rucka a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and continued success throughout the next year!