It’s finally arrived! The prequel to the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special has aired on the BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ telethon and we have it right here for those in the US to see!

The ‘Children in Need’ special is a yearly event that raises money to help abused and disadvantaged children in the UK. To help kick off the telethon, Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman introduced the minisode (as Smith calls it) of ‘The Great Detective’ which gives Whovians the tone and mind set of the Doctor now that he’s lost Amy and Rory in the episode ‘The Angels Take MAnhanttan.’

As you will see, the Doctor is not in the best frame of mind and as Donna and Amy have said to him in the past, it’s not good for the Doctor to travel alone. While Jenna Louise Coleman’s companion is not featured in the prequel, we do get reintroduced to Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax who many remember was last featured in the episode ‘A Good Man Goes to War.’

So without further ado, here’s the prequel to the Christmas episode! And make sure you check back later today as we’ll have the trailer for the Christmas Special here for you when it goes live online!

‘Doctor Who’ –The Great Detective Prequel:

The Christmas episode of ‘Doctor Who’ will air on December 25th on BBC America and BBCOne.