Canadian sci-fi shows are making a big splash here in the US as the Syfy channel  has just announced that they have given the north of the border time travelling show ‘Continuum’ a series premiere date.

The series stars Rachel Nichols whom many may recognize from her work as Scarlett in ‘G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra,’ Gaila in the 2009 reboot of ‘Star Trek,’ and Tamara in the 2010 remake of ‘Conan the Barbarian.’

In ‘Continuum,’ she plays a futuristic cop, Kiera Cameron, from the year 2077 who finds herself trapped in the present day when a group of fanatical terrorists escapes their planned execution and inadvertently sweeps her along in their time jump break out. With the help from teen tech genius Alec Sadler, played by Erik Knudsen (‘Jericho,’ ‘Scream 4,’ ‘Scott Pilgram vs. the World’), she joins the local police department and forms an uneasy alliance with her new partner, detective Carlos Fonnegra, played by Victor Webster (‘Charmed,’ ‘Mutant X’). While desperate to get back to her husband, her son and her own time, Kiera must bring down each of the terrorists before they change the course of history.

Syfy acquired the rights to the Canadian series back in September where its first season has already aired in the UK and has confirmed that the first 2 seasons will air in the US.

‘Continuum’ will anchor the network’s Monday night programming premiering on January 14th at 8pm leading into the Season 3 premieres of ‘Being Human’ at 9pm and Canadian sister show ‘Lost Girl’ at 10pm.

While the Syfy network has yet to release a trailer for the US, below is a clip from the pilot episode advertising the series in the UK. Here, Kiera has just arrived in the year 2012 and has her first encounter with Alec.

It’s refreshing to see that the Syfy network is attempting to get back to its sci-fi roots and has added some new scripted shows to their line-up. Will you be watching ‘Continuum?’

‘Continuum’ Clip – Meeting Alec: