Oliver Queen has been running the gauntlet of villains during this season of ‘Arrow’ on the CW such as Deadshot, Firefly, China White, and Deathstroke, but TV Line is reporting the hero’s “deadliest adversary to date” is yet to come.

The latest news is that Count Vertigo, a long time nemesis of Green Arrow and Black Canary and former member of the Suicide Squad, will be terrorizing Starling City and it’s resident protector on this season of ‘Arrow’.

According to the report, it’s likely that the villain’s origins will be changed from that of a Vlatavan royal with the ability to make people dizzy, so much so that he may have a new name. However, it’s said that the drug that will be featured in his debut episode, which airs in early 2013, will be called Vertigo.

Regardless of what he’ll be called and how much of the original abilities or backstory stays the same, it’s said that the character will be “truly scary and nightmarish”. There’s no word on casting yet either, but hopefully they find someone to fit that description. Might I suggest Malcolm McDowell?

Starring Katie Cassidy, Colin Donnell and Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer of the DC Universe, ‘Arrow’ airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 8:00pm.