Sometimes when you see a company succeeding, you can’t help but to be excited for them. The team at Super7 is one of those great success stories of a company that started small, and has begun to blow up to hit the mainstream market in a big way! Most of you probably recognize some of their handiwork from their previous collaboration with Funko on the ‘ReAction‘ toyline, which has since come to an end, with Super7 reclaiming the brand as their own and bringing us a ton of cool new vinyl figure products based on a number of great properties like ‘ALIEN‘, ‘Hellboy’, and now they even hold the license to create new ‘Masters Of The Universe‘ figures! The slogan on their own website says it all:


Here’s a run down of some of the awesome new stuff that Super7 had on display this year at New York Toy Fair 2017 ! We’ve got brand new products from ‘Masters Of The Universe’, ‘ReAction’, and even some brand new product lines!

The big news items from Super7 are primarily their new ‘Masters Of The Universe’ products, which include new Vintage Masters Of The Universe figures, Masters Of The Universe Classics, ReAction, M.U.S.C.L.E., and vinyl figures! This is the first we’ve really seen of the new ‘Masters Of The Universe Classics’ figures since Super7 took of the license from Mattel (aside from a few re-eleases), and they look great! We can look forward to new Filmation styled figures of fan favorite characters like Man-At-Arms, Teela, Tri-Klops, and more! Plus we’re getting some new colorways of other fan favorites like Stratos and Trap-Jaw in new figure 3-packs! These, combined with the stylized figures in the ReAction, M.U.S.C.L.E., and vinyl figure lines, show fans of ‘Masters Of The Universe’ that the franchise is indeed in good hands!

Now that it’s back in Super7’s hands exclusively, the ReAction line looks to be getting a big new push! Aside from a re-fresh of the ‘ALIEN’ line that includes a mix of screen accurate updated versions of previously released figures as well as the rest of the previously unreleased Nostromo Crew, we are also getting quite a few new licenses joining the line! We already knew about ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Street Fighter’ ReAction figures coming soon, but now we’ve got a first look at new ReAction figures based on ‘Planet Of The Apes’, ‘The Toxic Avenger’, ‘Robotech’, and Super7’s own original horror themed line dubbed ‘The Worst’; which is being turned into an animated series!

If ‘The Worst’ becoming an animated series wasn’t enough for you, Super7 has one more ReAction trick up their sleeve with the new ‘ReAnimated’ figure line! The ‘ReAnimated’ line is an all new series of figures that combines the ‘ReAction’ line and licenses with an ‘Animated Series’ style to bring us some of our favorite characters with an all new look! So far, brands confirmed for the ‘ReAnimated’ treatment include ‘ALIEN’, ‘Predator’, and ‘Planet Of The Apes’!

Besides all of these awesome product lines, Super7 is also still producing their super sixed ‘Shogun’ figures and their vinyl figure lines that are based on their own designs! They also still have quite a few larger scale ‘ALIEN’ products coming our way, so there’s lots to look forward to!

Overall, Super7 is a real up-and-comer in the toy industry. If this year’s offerings are any sign of what we might be able to expect from them in the future, we are going to have a lot to look forward to! Stay tuned to Toy News Tuesday for all of the latest Super7 news!

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