The Huntress gets busted trying to embezzle money from Wayne Enterprises by Damian Wayne, Earth 1’s Batman.  So does this make him kind of… her brother?  The pair duke it out and interestingly, Damian observes her moves and notices that she’s definitely studied under a Batman… and a Catwoman.  That kid is sharper than I would have given him credit for.  I guess that might be why he’s so arrogant.  They struggle in a real cat and mouse game as they sort of study and learn about each other, both through their words and actions.

Meanwhile, Power Girl flies into space to plant a device on a satellite (and to flirt with some cosmonauts).  She flies back to Earth and narrowly avoids “exactly the person I least want to meet.”  It results in her losing her costume.  Again.  She then zooms out to meet up with Huntress and they uncover another mystery.  And something happens to the device Kara planted on the satellite.

Once again, the art is split between Kevin Maguire, who renders the Huntress scenes and George Perez who covers the Power Girl portions.  It’s still a little jarring for me, to be honest, but I will say, as much as I worship at the altar of George Perez, his work hasn’t been going down smoothly for me on this particular title.  However, in this issue, I think it works the best it has so far.  Both artists are fantastic, but they’re so different from one another, it hasn’t quite been meshing.  Perez works with lots of small panels (crammed with detail), while Maguire uses bigger, and therefore fewer panels and his work is a lot simpler with fewer lines.  The difference just makes the transitions between the two such a jolt.

As for Maguire, I realized how much I’d missed seeing his work regularly and he’s only gotten better with time.  His art is so smooth and fluid!  I am really digging that!

Overall, I enjoyed this issue the most of any others in this series.  I liked the incorporation of the larger DC Universe, which has kind of been skirted around up until now, as we’ve seen more focus on their previous lives on Earth 2.  Now, I assume that these ladies will be on Earth 1 for quite some time, so I liked seeing them interacting with established parts of this world, like this Gotham which Huntress dislikes because it’s unlike her Gotham and of course the meeting between these siblings from two different worlds.  (And Power Girl’s avoiding of a different character.)

One minor issue I’m having is that I simply like The Huntress a lot more than Power Girl in this book.  And I love Power Girl!  I have both of her minibusts.  (That was not a boob joke.)  But there’s a stubborness to this take on her that I am finding a little irritating.  At least we get to see some of that fun flirtiness here that she’s so well known for.  I guess I’m just used to Power Girl being more laid back and light and in this book, she’s a tad obsessive and… well, not-that-fun.  Hopefully, she’ll snap out of that soon.

This issue felt a lot smoother than the prior installments.  It seems like the book is finding its groove, which is nice.  I’m intrigued to see what happens next for these character.


Written by Paul Levitz
Art: Huntress Part – Kevin Maguire
Art: Power Girl Part, Pencils – George Perez
Inks – Sandra Hope
Cover by Maguire and Rosemary Cheetham