What’s a Marvel superhero movie without a cameo from the man himself, Stan Lee? What started off as an inside joke has now become a trademark cameo but it looks like Lee may want to start doing more.

During an interview with ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ director Marc Webb, Lee came in and interrupted to just say hi. In what began as a visit to complement Webb on his work on the reboot of the franchise, ended up becoming a pitch session with Lee requesting that his next cameo in the sequel, be a bit more substantial to the plot of the film.

As Lee explains:

“(My cameo) was all right, but it wasn’t big enough. You refer to it as a cameo. Couldn’t we think of it as a leading role? Or couldn’t we think of it as a key scene that the whole movie sort of hinges on?  Now, I’ll admit, I was great doing that little thing and walking away and stamping the books. People haven’t stopped talking about it. But I think in the next one, maybe we ought to go a little deeper and probe the real me. What I have offer, as only you can do it, because somehow or other you’ve tapped in to something about me. People are still talking about that cameo and saying “why wasn’t that longer?” Why couldn’t I have stamped more books?”

Of course all of this was said in Lee’s trademark tongue-in-cheek style. He has commented in the past, though, that his cameo in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ was his favorite so far (although, he has hinted that his cameo in the upcoming ‘Iron Man 3’ film may out seat this one).

Once thing is for certain, adding more Lee in the film is a big plus! You can watch Lee pitch his idea to Webb below, courtesy of Collider, followed by his cameo as the clueless high school librarian from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’

Would you like to see more of Stan Lee in the sequel? Which of Lee’s cameos is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Stan Lee Pitches For A Bigger Role in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2:’

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