Since the deal with LucasFilm and Disney was finalized earlier this week, everyone has been looking to the future and talking about the new trilogy that the House of Mouse has planned. However, no one has really paid much attention to the other properties under the banner of LucasFilm, including ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’.

According to /Film, Disney CEO Robert Iger hinted that the long-running Cartoon Network show will probably be moving to Disney XD at some point in the future. The DVD and Blu-ray distribution could possibly move from Warner Bros to Disney as well, but the official word on the matter is that the series’ fate will be decided at the end of its current fifth season. Turner Entertainment, who owns Cartoon Network, is licensed to air the series through 2013 and has rerun rights to the estimated 100 episodes that have aired to this date.

Starting as a theatrical release in August 2008, ‘The Clone Wars’ became an animated series in October of that year and has since spawned books, toys, video games, and more. It continues to be one of the channel’s highest rated shows.

Although it would make the most sense for the show to jump to a Disney-owned network as soon as it can, it’s also very possible that the show could be scrapped altogether after this season. After all, on the conference call that Iger mentioned Disney XD as a new home for ‘Star Wars’ television content, he didn’t specifically mention ‘The Clone Wars’ as said ‘Star Wars’ TV content.

What do you think will happen to ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’? Are you fearful of the show being canceled or do you think it’ll make the jump to a Disney channel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.