During a Live Google Hangout with author Stephenie Meyer, Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel to promote the upcoming film, ‘The Host,’ a new trailer for the film was unveiled and we have it here for you to watch!

‘The Host’ is Meyer’s foray into science fiction and centers on Melanie Styder, one of the last humans who hadn’t been taken over by an alien parasitic species called Souls. That is, until she’s captured and is implanted by a Soul called Wanderer whose goal is to use Melanie’s memories and lead the Souls to their location. Unfortunately, Melanie’s consciousness is not ready to give up the body and a battle of wills occurs. Of course there’s also a romantic aspect to the film in that one guy is in love with the human Melanie while another is in love with Wanderer.

The trailer does a much better job at explaining the plot than the previous one and there’s a lot more footage of the battle of wills that is going on in Melanie’s mind. Considering the film is based on a book written by Meyer, you would think a lot more press would be out on this film considering it is set to be in theaters next month.

‘The Host’ is rumored to be the first of a trilogy, so this may not be the end of the love triangle. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you think this will be the next successful YA movie franchise.

‘The Host’ is set to open in theaters on March 29th.