The ‘Piranha 3D’ director, Alexandre Aja, is in negotiations to helm his first comic book adaptation. But, as is to be expected by the quirky and violent films of Aja, his first comic outing isn’t superheroes… it’s vampires!

According to Deadline, Aja is in talks to adapt the Image Comic series ‘Undying Love’ into a film.

‘Undying Love’, from writer Tomm Coker (‘Daredevil Noir’), tells the story of ex-soldier John Sargent. You see… Sargent has a problem. His girlfriend Mei is a vampire. The only way to break the vampire’s curse and make Mei human again is to kill her maker, so that’s exactly what Sargent sets out to do. The only problem is that Mei’s maker isn’t just any vampire… he’s one of the most powerful vampires in the history of the world! ‘Undying Love’ spins a yarn that is equal parts, action thriller, romance, Chinese mythology, and vampire tale. It seems a perfect fit for the movie screen, and Aja in particular.

Alexandre Aja is also the mind behind the brilliant French slasher flick ‘High Tension’ (‘Haute tension’) and the 2006 remake of the horror classic ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. Most recently, Aja wrote the screen play for ‘Maniac’, a slasher film starring Elijah Wood and set to release in 2013.