Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers,  Hannibal Lecter – these are all beloved, well known villains from the horror world, but what about those underdog antiheroes that are less celebrated but still make us want to check under our beds before we go to sleep? To give them a little love (from a distance, we don’t want a hug or anything) we decided to put together a few of our favorite Underrated Horror Villains, let’s hear it for them!

5. Stuntman Mike – ‘Death Proof’

He’s smooth, charming and drives a bad ass car, so what’s not to love? In the 2007 film ‘Death Proof’, Stuntman Mike effectively tricks out his car to make it (wait for it…) Death Proof. He stalks his prey, which are always groups of very hot women, then smashes into the objects of his affection with his indestructible vehicle, sending body parts a-flying while he remains as safe as a virgin on Halloween.  Sure he gets what he deserves when a group of she-vixens turn the tables on him, but he still puts in plenty of miles and carnage on the road before the day is out.

 4. May – ‘May’

May doesn’t have a lot of friends, so she’s making one. This adorable little misfit tries her best to make friends and fit in with people in the 2002 film ‘May’, but nothing ever seems to stick. Instead of enduring anymore heartbreaking rejection, May has decided to cut the part of you she loves best, be it the tattoo on your arm or your long pretty neck, and sews them all together to make one ultimate companion. May even pulls her own eyeball out and gives it to her homemade buddy to make it complete – talk about BFF.

3. The Creeper – ‘Jeepers Creepers’

Every 23 years, for 23 days this charmer gets to eat. Eat what you ask? YOU…or at least whatever he wants from your still living body. Introduced in the 2001 horror film, ‘Jeepers Creepers’ and then terrified us again in the sequel released in 2003,  this immortal creature uses his sense of smell to determine who and what is worth eating. One might take it as a compliment to have something so tasty inside of them that this Creeper will hunt you down and chase you day and night until it’s his. Others might not, but if he gets that piece of you he desires most, you’ll be a part of him forever, and really, what’s more romantic than that?

2. Angela Baker – ‘Sleepaway Camp’  

Angela is just a shy teenager trying to get through the hell that is puberty while away at camp – or so it would seem.  In the 1983 film ‘Sleepaway Camp’ bullies terrorize the introverted Angela, but as the teasing increases, so does the body count. A past family trauma haunts poor Angela, which causes this confused and pissed-off teen to lash out at fellow campers when the teasing goes too far. Big twist at the end (no spoilers on this one, it’s too GOOD!), so you’ll just have to watch for yourself to see why dark Angela is so troubled.

1. Pyramid Head – ‘Silent Hill’

This friendly looking chap has many names – “Red Pyramid”, “Bogeyman”, or “Triangle Head” are a few, but he is  most commonly known as “Pyramid Head” from the survival horror video game ‘Silent Hill’. The character was brought to life in the film adaptation in 2006, and we can now look forward to seeing him wield his huge, rusty, terrifying knife around as the sequel, ‘Silent Hill: Revelation,’ has now hit theatres. He is known to literally rip the skin off unlucky town members (although they had it coming to them) and likes to drag around his most recent kills like little rag dolls. He is straight out of a nightmare, but if you get on his good side, who knows? Maybe he’ll give you a skin coat for Christmas.

Honorable mentions: We love all of our villains, but here are a few that didn’t quite make it on our list but still wanted to give a shout-out to:

• Dilbert Grady – ‘The Shining:’ Quite possibly the most polite villain of all time (other than our man Hannibal), he’s subtle in telling Jack to ‘correct’ his family which is AKA the only way to keep your family in line is to murder the hell out of them. Keeping it classy Grady, keepin’ it classy.

• Horny the Clown – ‘Drive-Thru:’ In this movie it’s not the fast food that will kill you, it’s the demonic clown Horny, and he just loves to get creative with his murder methods.

• Ash – ‘Alien:’ Sure he starts out as a lovable crew member but turns out to be a ruthless Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 android whose secret mission is to bringing back a live alien life form – even if it costs the lives of the entire crew. Thanks for almost bringing down humanity with that thing Ash!

• Towns Folk of ‘2001 Maniacs:’ Huge props to Mayor George W. Buckman (played by the always incredible Robert Englund) and Granny Boone as they lead their blood thirsty group of undead Confederates to terrorize a group of unlucky travelers who stumble upon their little town of Pleasant Valley. Yee Haw ya’ll!  

Well that does it for our unloved villains for now. If we left off your favorite psychopathic underdog, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Hope you enjoyed!