Apollo gathers his siblings, the other children of Zeus for a meeting.  We meet, for the first time, Dionysus, who appears to be a young rocker-type.  Apollo informs his siblings of an upcoming war that will threaten them all, and that one child of Zeus’ will slay one of them to seize the throne.  Aphrodite says that they are Zeus’ most powerful children, but Apollo says that Wonder Woman has proven that should could be a potential threat.

Zola lashes out at Hera, now human and Diana exclaims “Again?!” indicating that this has been going on for a while now.  They have no leads on Zola’s missing baby, stolen by a traitorous Hermes.  (See issue #12.)  Lennox, technically Wonder Woman’s brother, another child of Zeus’, tells her of another sibling that may be able to help her, but because of Hera’s presence, she won’t come to her.  So Wonder Woman departs for the deserts of Libya to meet Siracca.

She gets to be badass as she fights the Libyan army.  But when she encounters a lost young girl, things start to feel suspicious.

This issue actually felt a bit slow.  We’re going into the second year of this series and to me, it feels like we’re still on the first storyline.  Yes there have been various developments but few resolutions.  At least an interlude at the beginning felt like it was pointing to a new plotline coming up.  I must admit, I’m just kind of tired of the gods and that whole thread.  Can’t Wonder Woman just fight, I don’t know Giganta or Doctor Cyber for one issue?  The battle with the Libyan army at the end was the most super hero-y thing I think I’ve seen her do in… I don’t even know how long!

Tony Akins’ art is very nice and looks very similar to Cliff Chiang’s so there’s flow and continuity.

It’s Wonder Woman, who for me is like pizza.  Even bad pizza is still pizza, as they say.  The writing is good, but I’m getting bored, which is bad.  I can’t really point to any flaws, but I’m just ready for something new and fresh and different.


Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Tony Akins
Cover by Cliff Chiang