justice league blu ray walmart

It may not be the alternate cut for which some fans have been begging (and which we have repeatedly been told does not exist in anything resembling a releasable state), but thanks to a pre-order listing for Walmart’s exclusive version of the ‘Justice League’ Blu-ray, we know that the release will include at least some additional footage. Though Warner hasn’t made a full announcement of what the home video release will include, Walmart’s announcement of their retailer exclusive bundle (which includes a set of pins), featured the picture that leads off this article. In that picture, the more eagle-eyed among you might have noticed a sticker advertising a bonus scene.

Of course, we don’t yet know what form that scene will take. As anyone who remembers the trailers or paid even a modicum of attention to the production process will tell you, there’s certainly no dearth of scenes that didn’t make it into the finished film. In particular, there were a number of scenes centering on Aquaman (to say nothing of every scene featuring Kiersey Clemons as Iris West).

It’s worth pointing out that the “bonus scene” sticker is identical to the one that was slapped on ‘Wonder Woman’ when it came to Blu-ray last year. That bonus turned out not to be a deleted scene (at least, not in the conventional sense) but rather a post-script, something more akin to Marvel’s iconic stinger scenes.

According to the listing on Walmart’s website, pre-orders for their exclusive ‘Justice League’ bundle will ship on Friday, March 30th and arrive by Wednesday, April 4th. Assuming those aren’t placeholder dates, it stands to reason that the Blu-ray will hit shelves within a week of either date. An official announcement from Warner is no doubt coming soon.

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