Two weeks ago, we got our first look at the mighty Sif charging into battle on the set of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ along the God of Thunder himself, played by Chris Hemsworth. Though she walked away from that battle unscathed, it appears that Jamie Alexander has sustained an injury while shooting that could have left the actress paralyzed.

According to Comic Book Movie, Alexander tweeted that she was injured on Monday while shooting a scene. Speculation leads us to believe that she may have fallen from her horse and got banged up from that. Check out her tweets from her Twitter @JamieAlexander below:

Thankfully, she was able to walk away largely unharmed and is in high spirits as she recovers and prepares to get back in front of the camera.

Before she dons the armor of the ally of the Asgardian Avenger in a potentially expanded role for the sequel, Jamie Alexander can be seen next in ‘The Last Stand’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in January. While she heals up for the next battle, we here at wish her a speedy recovery.

‘Thor: The Dark World’, starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Tadanobu Asano, Zachary Levi, and Anthony Hopkins, is scheduled to hit theaters on November 8, 2013.