We’re almost to the mid-season finale, Warehouse agents, and this week Brother Adrian has decided to target those close to Myka, Claudia and Pete. Meanwhile Steve and Mrs. Frederic head over to the Vatican to deal with the Brotherhood while Artie and Leena continue to guard the Warehouse from any more break-ins from the vengeful Monk.

Let’s get to the recap!

(This is where I need to put the obligatory “WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!” notice, but you get the idea.)

Artie is taking inventory making sure nothing else has been stolen by Brother Adrian when all of the sudden he appears in front of Artie via the use of D.B. Cooper’s rip cord. He picks up Thomas Jeffries’ boomerang and throws it just as Artie attacks him. As they fight, the alarm goes off and Myka and Pete head to the area.

Brother Adrian demands that Artie use the astrolabe but just as the boomerang returns to slice Artie’s head, Brother Adrian moves him out of the way. Artie realizes that Brother Adrian can’t kill him and he needs him alive but the Monk tells him that he can kill his friends and whispers in Artie’s ear how he plans on doing so. Brother Adrian leaves just as Myka and Pete arrive.

Everyone gathers in the office where Claudia tells them that she has tracked down the bogus shipping address that Brother Adrian used when he sent out Alice’s mirror and finds out that 3 other packages were sent out using the same address. They realize that the packages were sent to Yuma, AZ, where Pete’s ex-wife is stationed, Colorado Springs, CO where Myka’s pregnant younger sister lives and Menlo Park, CA, where Claudia’s brother is working on a classified project. The three of them head over to save their loved ones.

In Rome, Mrs. Frederic and Steve are taken to the underground secret library of the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond. When they head in, the place looks like it has been abandoned suddenly.

Myka arrives to the surprise of her sister Tracy. When they hug, a sudden burst of electricity shoots between them and Myka sees that Tracy’s eyes flash. Myka tries to find out what artifact could have been sent to her sister without raising any suspicions. Tracy shows Myka all the new baby stuff she’s received recently and as they talk, Tracy’s eyes glow again. She heads down to make some tea with drain cleaner in it while Myka uses this opportunity to spray neutralizer fluid on all the baby objects to find the artifact.

Over in Yuma, Pete tells Amanda that he there due to a boogedy-boogedy nature. She is not looking well. As she takes a drink of water Pete notices it begins to boil. He asks if she received any packages and she shows him an empty box she got that morning. Pete puts the box in a neutralizer bag but nothing happens. Just then, Amanda collapses.

Claudia reaches her brother’s home calling out his name. As she looks into his office, she sees he’s been ambered.

At the Warehouse, Leena finds Artie loading a gun. She’s concerned about his state of mind but before she can question him, Claudia calls to find out how she can un-amber her brother. Leena finds out that the artifact causing Joshua’s state is from Pliny the Elder’s scroll. Unfortunately, it is also ambered in Joshua’s hand and Claudia needs to get it out in order to neutralize it.

Tracy brings Myka her “special tea” and Myka sees that her eyes have glowed once again. Tracy tries to get Myka to drink the tea but in the process it is knocked out of Myka’s hand and falls to the ground burning a hole in the rug. Tracy’s eyes glow again as she cleans ups the mess.

Pete calls Myka and tells her that he needs her help as he doesn’t know what to do with Amanda. Myka tells him of her sister and how she tried to kill her with the tea and as she does, she notices a knife missing on the knife rack. The agents hang up and Pete sits to talk to Amanda who has a very high fever and is not getting better. As they talk, he notices a cat tattoo on her back that is glowing. He touches it and tells her it feels hot but she denies having a tat. Pete tries to see it again but it has disappeared. Amanda suddenly feels much better but then Pete notices the tat is now on the palm of his hand and it begins to move up his arm and settle on the back of his shoulder. As it glows, Pete’s body temperature begins to rise.

Myka calls Artie who suggest that the artifact affecting Tracy could be sibling specific. Myka asks for ideas of what could be the cause but Artie is too obsessed with the detection system and abstractly hands up. He then receives a call from Pete who tells him about the cat tattoo. Artie recognizes it as one belonging to the first historical suicide bomber Kotik who assassinated Tsar Alexander II. If they don’t stop the process, Pete can go boom. During the conversation, Artie spots Brother Adrian and quickly tells Pete he needs to cut the tat off if need be and hangs up to chase after the Monk.

Pete gives Amanda a scalpel to remove the tat but each time the blade gets close, the tat moves. All of the sudden, the tat glows brighter and the radiation detector alarm goes off. Amanda takes him to a bomb shelter that would be able to shield Pete’s explosion. They say their goodbyes as the process is getting worse.

Myka heads back to her sister to try to keep her from killing her. As the two sisters fight, Tracy expounds on the many things that have annoyed her about Myka. The scene is sibling rivalry at its best! Eventually Myka gets the upper hand and is able to restrain Tracy using stuffed monkeys. As she looks for the artifact, Pete calls her and tells her what is happening. She tells him that since the tat travels from skin to skin the box could be covered with the skin of the suicide bomber and he needs to touch the tat to the box. Pete is unable to get the box to the area but something Myka says gives him an idea. He lays the box on the ground and lies on it. The tat transfers to the box and Pete is saved.

As he walks out the shelter, he and Tracy hug and he asks for a helicopter so he can get to Myka and help her.

Claudia has a plan to get the artifact scroll out of her brother’s hand and begins the process by heating the amber with a blow torch. After heating the amber, she pours ice cold soda over the area and is able to crack the amber covering his hand off. Claudia is able to grab the scroll and neutralize it causing her brother to come back to life.

In Rome, Mrs. Frederick and Steve look for a secret panel that might explain how the monks got out without anyone noticing. When Mrs. Frederick turns to speak to him, she notices that he is now trapped in a painting with other Monks. Mrs. Frederic is able to get Steve out of the painting by removing it from the frame. According to her, the frame was made by Rembrandt’s master framer and is made out of wood from the Tree of Life which explains why some of Rembrandt’s painting were so incredibly life-like. She tells Steve that soon the Brothers of the Brotherhood will come out of the painting.

Myka still hasn’t found the artifact and Tracy is getting ill. Myka realizes she hasn’t examined the wrapping paper in the garbage and heads out to check it out. She brings the wrappings to the baby’s room where Pete is and they find an old cord attached to the ribbon bouquet. They try to neutralize it but nothing happens. They then realize they need to cut the cord to break the effect. Once they do, Tracy begins to feel better but doesn’t remember anything since seeing Myka arrive earlier that afternoon.

Claudia tells Joshua about what has been happening at the warehouse and with Brother Adrian. They both can’t figure out how Brother Adrian knew Joshua was in Menlo Park if neither of them told anybody. Joshua tells her that Artie was the one that sent him there and told him not to let anyone know. Claudia is confused as Artie acted like he didn’t know. Something is up…

Claudia calls Pete who tells her that he’s getting a really strong vibe. She tells them that Artie lied to her and knew that Joshua was in Menlo Park. She asked if he’s noticed anything hinky and Pete tells her that Artie hung up on him while trying to get artifact help. Myka tries to explain it away by saying that Artie is distracted with the Brother Adrian situation and that the database is down. Claudia tells them that the database is fine as she set up a remote testing system that would have alerted her if that was the case. They all head back to the Warehouse post haste.

Artie has Brother Adrian trapped in the Bronzer. Brother Adrian tells him that he’s making a terrible decision and that Artie needs him. He begins the bronzing process. Meanwhile, Leena is in the Warhouse and sees that the security system is down and reactivates it. She sees the alert that the Bronzing System is active and tells Trailer to show her where Artie is.

When the Bronzer is done, Artie thinks the nightmare is over but then hears Brother Adrian tell him it will never be over. He looks to the side and there stands the Monk. Artie is astonished as there is nothing in the Bronzer. But how can that be?

Once all the Monks are out of the painting, Mrs. Frederic and Steve tell them about the Artie using the astrolabe. They tell them about Brother Adrian and how he has gone rogue and tried to kill Steve. The Brothers tell them that is not possible. As Mrs. Frederic tries to explain, Steve looks at the painting one more time much to his dismay.

The last Monk to be released from the painting is Brother Adrian! When asked if he’s ever been to South Dakota, he tells them he hasn’t. Steve senses that he’s telling the truth. So who has been at the Warehouse all this time?!

Back at the Warehouse, Artie tries to shoot Brother Adrian but the bullets don’t affect him. Leena sees what is happening and yells at Artie. Artie tells her to get out before Brother Adrian comes after her. He warns Brother Adrian not to harm Leena. Behind him Leena is in tears as she begs Artie to stop. She tells him there is no one there. He’s yelling at thin air. Artie doesn’t believe her and when he turns back towards Brother Adrian, there is no one there!

Artie doesn’t believe her. She tries to reassure him but he won’t accept what she is saying as Brother Adrian was the one who was trying to kill those he cared about. Mrs. Frederic calls Leena and tells her that she is with Brother Adrian at the Vatican. The astrolabe caused a psychotic break in Artie.

Artie begins to go over the times that he’s encountered Brother Adrian and realizes he was never there. It begins to dawn on him that he is the cause of all the artifacts missing and of the trauma that has been inflicted in the name of Brother Adrian. The final piece of the puzzle: Artie pulls out Harriet Tubman’s thimble that he’s been using to impersonate the Monk.

Mrs. Frederic tells Leena to leave the Warehouse and Artie immediately but she can’t. She wants to help Artie. Suddenly Artie gains control and tells Leena the astrolabe is in the Dark Vault. As he looks at Leena, she begins to get scared as she notices that this not the Artie she knows. He tells her she’s in his way.

Artie and Myka frantically drive back to the Warehouse when Pete abruptly gets a massive vibe. He immediately stops the car and tells Myka to call the Warehouse.

At the Warehouse, a Farnsworth rings and rings… next to Leena’s dead body.

What a game changer! For the last 8 weeks we’ve all been led to believe that Brother Adrian has been stalking Artie and now find that is has all been in his head and that he’s been the one that has been sending the artifacts to those close to him!

Now that he’s possessed, what will happen when he finds out that the astrolabe is no longer where he kept it (remember, H.G. now has it). And does dead in this timeline really mean dead? Will Leena’s special attachment to the Warehouse allow her to live?

All this and more will be answered in the mid-season finale of ‘Warehouse 13’ next week so make sure you come back to see how it all ends. And if you missed last week’s episode, make sure you get caught up by reading the recap of ‘Second Chances.’