Bo’s reputation attracts the attention of a Dark Fae. Kenzi struggles with her role in the team, and Dyson’s time with Bo might be taking its toll on him. This episode continues the trend of being fast-paced and sexy, but this week there is a major revelation at the end.

This is a recap, so there are spoilers.

Dyson and Bo are at his work, but not for work. They are hot and heavy—again. Afterwards, Bo asks Dyson out to breakfast, but he says that is against the rules. Oh, there are rules? Dyson and Bo agree to some rules: no dates, no going public, no questions, and no exclusivity. Bo adds one more rule; Dyson cannot disapprove of a case, and Dyson agrees as long as she tells him what cases she takes. With the air clear, Dyson offers to walk her to her car, but she refuses because she can take care of herself.

Outside, three men with guns force Bo into a van.

Kenzi is at a restaurant with a woman who wants to hire them for a case. After leaving Bo another message, Kenzi learns the woman wants their help with her possessed cat.

Bo is taken to a Chinese restaurant. She gets the gun from Seymour. There is an older man at the counter. Bo approaches him and tells him that she is leaving. He touches her and energy comes off of Bo. He mentions about her needed luck, and she trips. Mayer is a Dark Fae who feeds off of luck. He makes a living as a bookie, and he needs her help because a human duped him. Mayer had drained Roger’s luck, but the man won, and Mayer needs Bo to find out how he did it so his Dark Fae bosses won’t find out he lost a lot of money. Bo is not eager to take the job because being kidnapped is not the way to woo her. Mayer tells her that he will give her ten minutes with his niece Cassie. Bo immediately thinks he is offering Cassie to her sexually, but Mayer is not. Cassie is an Oracle, and everyone in the Fae world knows Bo is searching for information about her parents. Bo doubts Cassie is an Oracle.

Kenzi leaves another message for Bo. The woman wants to leave, but Kenzi offers to take the job for half the price. The woman does not want her case in the hands of the “assistant,” so she leaves. Kenzi does not have money for the check.

Bo is in the back of the restaurant with Cassie. They hold hands. Cassie sees Bo’s first sexual experience. Bo was eighteen, and her boyfriend convinced her to have sex even though her parents taught her it was very wrong. They have sex in the back of his car, but Bo kills him. She ran away because she had no idea what happened, how she killed him, and was completely afraid and confused. Convinced that Cassie, the lollipop sucking teen, is a real Oracle, Bo takes the job.

Kenzi waits for Bo at home. Bo enters, and she doesn’t understand why Kenzi is upset. Kenzi tells her about the meeting; Bo apologizes and tells Kenzi why she missed it. Kenzi’s initial reaction to Bo missing the meeting is justified; Kenzi put the schedule in Bo’s phone and is getting work for their business. When she learns why Bo missed the meeting, Kenzi goes into friend mode, and this is just one of the many reasons why I love Kenzi. Good best friends can be hard to find and keep, and it is great to see two women develop a true friendship on television.

Bo asks for Dyson’s help. Mayer gave Bo security footage, so Dyson runs Roger’s picture through facial recognition. They learn where Roger lives. Bo and Kenzi go to his home; there are many people inside. Kenzi thinks it is a party and happily takes a drink and some food. Their mood changes when they see a casket. Roger is dead and has been for two days.

If Roger has been dead for two days, then who took Mayer’s money yesterday?

Bo and Kenzi go to the pub. Bo asks Trick if a Fae can make the dead walk, and Trick tells her about the Hsien; they can “body jump” and inhabit a fresh corpse for a short time. Many Fae consider Hsien to be disgusting because humans are food, not clothing.

Dyson and Hale are at the pub too; they play pool. Dyson tells Hale that being with Bo is better than being with a Nymph. From Hale’s reaction, I have to conclude that Dyson is having some really great sex with Bo. However, Dyson is worn out. He needs energy drinks. Hale offers to take a shift in case Dyson is ever too tired for Bo.

Dyson goes to the bar; Kenzi leaves. He learns about the Hsien. Dyson offers to take Bo to a Hsien he knows. Hale plays pool with Kenzi. Kenzi is winning; Hale uses his siren ability to win. Hale tells Kenzi that she needs to prove that she is more than a “sidekick.” Kenzi tells him that she only cares about what Bo thinks.

At the morgue, a blonde woman wearing a skimpy nighty dances. Dyson tells Eddie to get back into his body. The blonde collapses on Eddie’s body. Eddie is a Hsien on the Light Fae side. He swears to not be involved because he would never cross Mayer, but he knows a Dark Hsien named Lucas. Dyson tells Bo that she will have to give Mayer this new information; Dyson is a Light Fae, and Light Fae are not allowed in Dark territory (and vice versa).

Mayer wants to know who hired a Hsien to take his money. He has to get the money back or his bosses will be very displeased and will likely harm his entire family. It seems the Dark Fae are not very forgiving. Mayer tells them about his rival Jesper, who has an underground business.

Bo and Kenzi get ready to infiltrate Jesper’s underground poker game. Kenzi’s dad played a lot of poker, and he taught her everything she knows. Bo proves she can pull off a poker face, and they leave for the game.

Of course they are the hottest ladies in the room. Kenzi tells Bo what a “tell” is; Kenzi will watch the table and Bo will look for Jesper. A man stares at Bo. They agree on a signal and spilt up. Bo eyes the man who stares at her, so she targets him first. She flirts with him, and they end up in the back room. Bo remarks how cold he is. They go to the couch, and she uses her persuasive power on him. Well, she tries. He tells her if she were twenty years older, he would not be able to resist her. He knows who she is. How did he know she would be there? He pushes her off of him. Bo wants to know why he robbed Mayer, but he didn’t. He puts her on a table and holds her down. His thumbs turn into ice, and he stabs her where the neck meets the shoulder.

Kenzi works the table; she helps an older guy win. She hears something behind her. Thinking it is Bo signaling her, she instigates a fight, takes some chips, and goes to the back room. Kenzi grabs a crowbar and hits Jesper. Bo kicks him into a spike on the wall. Kenzi gets Bo out of there.

Kenzi takes Bo to the pub for a “911 booty call.” Dyson and Hale are there. Dyson says a Frost Giant attacked Bo. In the back room of the pub, Dyson administers “first aid.” At the bar, Kenzi and Hale make small talk. Trick walks in and wants to know if his Troll got out. Kenzi and Hale try to cover for Bo and Dyson, but Trick stops them and walks away. Afterwards, Dyson realizes Trick knows and is pissed that he is with Bo. Dyson is drained, but he tries to hide it. Eddie calls Dyson, but the call ends abruptly, so Dyson and Bo go to the morgue. Kenzi wants to find who in Mayer’s organization snitched, but Bo and Dyson ignore her.

Kenzi decides to go to Mayer’s Famous Chinese Food restaurant. When no one is around, Kenzi breaks into Seymour’s car. She pops the trunk and sees something inside. Someone grabs Kenzi from behind.

At the morgue, Dyson is visibly weak. Eddie comes out, but he is acting differently. He bleeds, and Bo realizes that Eddie is not Eddie anymore. He has been stabbed in the back. Dyson gets locked in a room, and Lucas, the other Hsien, jumps into another body. Bo easily fights off the first body. Lucas jumps through multiple bodies, finally landing in a large, hulking man. The man chokes Bo.

Dyson pounds on the door and finally gets free. He holds a gun to “Lucas’s” body. If a Hsien dies in a body, then the Hsien is dead too; also, a Hsien can die by being in a body too long. The body needs to be freshly dead, and the Hsien has to leave before the body decomposes. Dyson uses this knowledge to get Lucas to talk.

Bo and Dyson take “Lucas” to Mayer. Mayer gives Dyson permission to stay because “bad peace is better than good war.” They all agree to keep the situation quiet from their respective bosses. It turns out Seymour, Mayer’s nephew, wanted more power and responsibility, so he concocted this plan. Seymour will be put somewhere safe. Lucas gets his body back; it was in the trunk of Seymour’s car. Dyson finds Kenzi, and she makes him promise not to tell Bo where he found her. In return, she promises not to tell Bo how much it hurts Dyson to be with Bo. Kenzi and Dyson lie to Bo about how Kenzi found out about everything. Mayer wants Bo to keep everything quiet. He wants to exchange another visit with Cassie for her silence, but Kenzi reminds him that the original deal was another visit with Cassie as payment for finding out who was behind everything. Bo tells Mayer that she will want a favor in the future as payment. Mayer asks her to join the Dark Fae, but she refuses to pick a side until she knows more about her parents. Bo leaves. Mayer takes a taste of Kenzi’s luck and says that she tastes like a survivor. Since he can’t feed off of her, he offers her a job, but she says she has a job. Kenzi heads to the back room.

Cassie and Bo are in the back room. Cassie has a vision: A woman is locked in a cage. The person she cared most about betrayed her. She escaped and wanted to find her child, Bo. There will be a battle. Bo will have to choose. Bo hacks at unknown foes and is covered in blood.

“She’s coming!” Cassie screams as blood trickles out her nose. The vision makes her vomit. Cassie tells Bo, “Fate has some serious plans for you.”

Kenzi goes to Bo; she thinks Bo didn’t get the information Bo wanted. Kenzi is correct. Bo thought she was going to learn why her parents gave her up or who her parents are. Instead, she is told her mother is still alive. And she is coming.

Every relationship has growing pains, and this week we see Kenzi struggle to find her place in this new world. She is the odd girl out because she is human. The Fae tease and mock her human status, and Bo has talent and kicks ass, so Kenzi is trying to figure out how to make herself useful. In the first episode, Kenzi told Bo that she was taught to be friends with those stronger than she is, but Kenzi just doesn’t want to ride Bo’s coattails. Kenzi wants to be Bo’s friend and business partner. She makes fliers, arranges meetings with potential clients, and looks out for Bo. In this episode, Kenzi’s knowledge of poker is vital for Bo solving the case. Bo uses the information about a “tell” to figure out Eddie isn’t Eddie. Kenzi watches Bo’s back. Not only does she help Bo out of some tough spots, she is looking out for Bo’s emotional state as well. Kenzi confronts Dyson (after the facial recognition scene) about how he treats Bo. She encouraged Bo to pursue a regular relationship with Dyson, so now she feels stupid for doing so, as though she let Bo down. Even after he agrees to lie to Bo about how she got to the restaurant, Kenzi refuses to be on “Team Dyson.” She despises him a little less than before, but until he treats Bo the way she should be treated, Kenzi will give Dyson a hard time.

The big revelation that Bo’s mother is alive is a great development. I wasn’t sure if Bo would be an orphan or if her family would be a part of the series. Making Bo a part of a larger mythology brings an extra layer to the show, making a great show even more fascinating to watch.

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