It looks like the Iron Man suit isn’t the only thing that is getting an upgrade in the upcoming ‘Iron Man 3’ sequel as a new promo concept art image surfaced online showcasing the new and upgraded War Machine and Mark XLVII.

While it’s been known for some time that Tony Stark would be upgrading his suit (after all, he’s donned a different suit more than once in each film in the franchise), the image of the Iron Man armour is not too surprising as the Mark XLVII has been featured in quite a bit of promo shots already. What is interesting is to see the new look that the Iron Patriot will be donning in the film.

While the suit is also named Iron Patriot, Kevin Feige admitted to Comic Con crowds that this suit would not be worn by Norman Osborne (yes the same Osborne from the ‘Spider-Man’ universe) like in the comic series but by Stark’s BFF James, “Rhodey” Rhodes aka War Machine (played by Don Cheadle).

From the image below, it can be seen that War Machine also got a weapons upgrade and hints to the possibility of another battle where Iron Man and War Machine are working together.

The concept art looks pretty impressive and with production about to be wrapped up on the film, hopefully the first trailer will show both suits in action.

Check out the concept art below and let us know what you think!

‘Iron Man 3’ is set to hit theaters on May 3rd