In the last two episodes of ‘Doctor Who‘, we see that the Doctor now mainly travels on his own but he just can’t seem to keep away from his in-laws as he pops in and out of their lives. This time, he’ll be taking them to the Old West to a town called Mercy which just happens to be under siege by a cyborg.

‘A Town Called Mercy’ is a special installment as it features sci-fi genre favorite Ben Browder (‘Farscape’, ‘Stargate SG-1’) in an episode written by Toby Whithouse. Whithouse, who also created the series ‘Being Human‘, also wrote three other ‘Doctor Who’ episodes: ‘School Reunion’, ‘The Vampires of Venice’, and ‘The God Complex‘.

According to SFX, the episode is described as a bit of ‘High Noon’ meets ‘Westworld’ where the Doctor not only gets to wear a Stetson but also carries a gun! This is quite different from the pacifist Doctor we know who would rather use a sonic screwdriver than a weapon but as Whithouse explains, the Doctor we’ve known in the past will be a bit “more volatile and unpredictable” now that he mainly travels on his own without a companion to make sure he doesn’t cross the line.

In anticipation for the episode, BBC has release a boat load of promo pics from the show. We’ve picked out some of our favorites but you can check out the rest of them on the official ‘Doctor Who’ site. Also included are a couple trailers each showing different footage from ‘A Town Called Mercy.’ After all, it’s not a big blockbuster episode without a few trailers, right?

‘A Town Called Mercy’ will air on BBC America on Saturday, September 15, at 9PM ET/PT.

‘A Town Called Mercy’ Promo Images:

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‘Doctor Who:’ BBC One Trailer:

‘Doctor Who:’ BBC America Trailer: