Previously, those involved with the CW’s new superhero drama, ‘Arrow’, have stated that there won’t be any superpowers in the show. Traditionally, Oliver Queen never really had powers, but they’re also reimagining other heroes and villains to be more realistic, while still retaining some of their trademarks, albeit reimagined. So that means no cameos from the likes of Arrow’s other super-powered Justice League compatriots, right? Well, not necessarily…

According to a new report from Blastr, it’s being rumored that there could be a crossover with the CW’s new Wonder Woman pilot for titled ‘Amazon’. With a script from ‘Young Avengers’ creator Allan Heinberg, this new attempt at bringing the first lady of DC Comics to television is in the same vein as ‘Smallville’ in that it will follow a younger Diana Prince as she grows into the icon recognized around the world.

But how will ‘Amazon’ tie into ‘Arrow’ if there are superpowers involved? Here’s what ‘Arrow’ executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say about that:

“With Wonder Woman, Diana of Themyscira, there are superpowers. I don’t foresee crossovers, but one of the great things about superheroes is that they’re constantly being reimagined. There’s the Adam West and Christopher Nolan versions of Batman, and one doesn’t obviate the other. The Lynda Carter version was great, and now the CW is hopefully developing another wonderful version that will be a nice complement to ‘Arrow’.”

Wonder Woman without powers just sounds weird to me. It’s one thing to reimagine characters, but if this were to happen, it might be taking away essential elements of the character all together.

Nothing has been revealed about Heinberg’s ‘Amazon’ yet other than that a script was ordered, but will people really tune in to see a depowered Wonder Woman? Share your thoughts in the comments below.