Phase 2 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is underway with ‘Iron Man 3’ almost finished with principle photography and ‘Thor: The Dark World’ just beginning on filming, where does ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ fit in?

The film starring Chris Evans is the next Marvel movie with a confirmed release and was previously rumored to have a production start date sometime at the end of this year. But while at the Toronto International Film Festival, Evans revealed to Collider that filming is now slated for March 2013:

The news has many implications as it was first thought that the ‘Captain America’ sequel would follow -‘Thor 2′. This back-to-back filming schedule would ensure Marvel would be able to keep to their movie release timetable they had previously revealed. Now that the block between the wrap date for ‘Thor 2’ and the launch of the ‘Captain America’ sequel is open, what film could possibly fill that spot?

How about ‘Ant-Man‘? As more and more time passes, it looks like the rumor that has been going around since the beginning of last month is starting to look more like fact. Latino Review first reported the possibility of Wright filming the movie in London after ‘Thor 2’ wrapped production and while there has been no casting news and no official confirmation from Marvel studios, the fact that ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ has been pushed to March does make it likely ‘Ant-Man’ is next in line to be made. If so, with a possible debut sometime in 2014, ‘Ant-Man’ would be the third film Marvel releases in that year marking a first for the studio.

This is definitely exciting news for Marvel fans and something to look forward to in a couple years!