With the release of the trailer ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,’ it looks like the trend for witches is circling back to the Salem Witch trials where they are now meant to be hunted. Adding to the list of witch hunters may be Vin Diesel as it’s being reported that he is currently in talks to star in the new film ‘The Last Witch Hunter.’

The film is said to be helmed by Breck Eisner (‘The Crazies,’ ‘Taken’ ‘Stretch Armstrong’) who took over the position following the departure of Timur Bekmambetov who ended up directing ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ instead. He will be directing from a script written by Cory Goodman which was on the 2010 Black List for best unproduced screenplays for that year. Other Black List scripts from that year included ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘Snow White and the Huntsman,’ ‘Looper’ and ‘Oz the Great and Powerful.’

The log line for ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ from the Black List states that the script is about a witch hunter who is to stop the population of witches and warlocks from gaining to the “brink of a major explosion” before it’s too late. Yep, you read correctly. The Witch Hunter must stop spell weavers from procreating.

Hopefully there is more to the film than the Witch Hunter being a lone supernatural version of Planned Parenthood but if Diesel decides to take on the role, he can easily be seen as a bad-ass hunter in a similar vein as Blade was to vampires.  Of course it will all come down to whether a price and an acceptable shooting schedule can be agreed upon as Diesel is still filming ‘The Fast and Furious 6’ and is working on the post production aspects of ‘Riddick.’

As the film is still in the development stage, no other details has been disclosed but we’ll bring you more as the film progresses through.


Source: The Wrap