After Marvel’s latest company-wide event, ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’, is over this October, the House of Ideas will jump right into a whole new relaunch of many of their top titles as part of the new event called Marvel NOW. During Baltimore Comic Con, SVP-Executive Editor of Marvel Publishing Tom Brevoort and current ‘Daredevil’ writer Mark Waid took the stage for a panel on Saturday afternoon to explain some of the things to look forward to this fall from Marvel Comics.

First, Brevoort said that as of the night before, the final issue of AvX was sent to the printers. With the conclusion of that series comes Marvel NOW, which the editor then previewed for the crowd. He reiterated details for already announced titles such as ‘Uncanny Avengers’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Thor: God of Thunder’, and Mark Waid’s ‘Indestructible Hulk’, but he also revealed some new things about other titles that have been talked about.

For example, in Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan ‘s ‘Deadpool’, which premieres in November, the Merc with a Mouth is called in when all of the former Presidents of the United States of America are brought back to life as zombies and must be taken care of. We got a little glimpse of “Undead Harry Truman” and “Undead FDR” when the first pencils by Tony Moore were revealed, but now we know why Wade Wilson was surrounded by dead presidents. And not the fun kind that you can use to buy booze and strippers either, as Deadpool might say.

Another title from the Marvel NOW line that was mentioned was ‘X-Men Legacy’. According to Brevoort, this book will follow Professor Charles Xavier as he tries to find his place in this post-AvX world and whether or not he’ll be in favor of his legacy that he’ll inevitably leave behind.

Finally, the last new series to be revealed was ‘A+X’. Similar to ‘AvX: VS’, the new book will contain two stories put together by some of Marvel’s finest and will feature members of The Avengers and The X-Men working together, as opposed to being at each other’s throats.

While Brevoort presented each issue and spoke about it, he gave some lucky fans the opportunity to check out some Marvel NOW books before anyone else. Fans were invited onstage with Tom and Mark to read ‘Iron Man’ #1, ‘Captain America’ #1, ‘Thor: God of Thunder’ #1, and the Ant-Man story from ‘Marvel NOW: Point One’.

Not to be overshadowed, Mark Waid spoke briefly about his upcoming Hulk book, which he described as being similar to Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal of the character in ‘The Avengers’. However, he pitched the idea without having seen the film, so it was a nice coincidence that things worked out like that. For more information on ‘The Indestructible Hulk’ and more, be sure to keep an eye out for my exclusive interview with Mark Waid coming soon.

After the panelist were finished showing off what they had to offer, the floor was opened up to questions. Through the course of these questions, it was revealed that there is a “good possibility” that Janet Van Dyne would be seen again, that it remains to be seen if Colossus will be a part of ‘All New X-Men’ or any other Marvel NOW title, which suggests that something might happen to Juggerlossus (Juggernaut + Colossus) between AvX and Marvel NOW*, that X-23, X-Force, Scott Lang, Cable, and the cast of Avengers Academy will be present in some way in the new event, and that Age of Ultron, a storyline that Marvel has been teasing for years now, will finally take place in early 2013.

For some video highlights of this panel and more, be sure to check back here on within the next few days to see some video coverage of Baltimore Comic Con, thanks to The Pretentious Film Majors.