With season 2 of ‘The Punisher’ set to premiere in less than 2 weeks, Netflix and Marvel are fully pushing the marketing campaign now, complete with clips from the upcoming series, including today’s clip which has Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) in therapy with his psychoanalyst Krista (played by Floriana Lima, formerly of ‘Supergirl’). The clip, while brief, gives some insight into’s Billy’s state of mind, showing him wearing a simple T-shirt and plain white mask to hide his scarred facial features, revealing his pretty boy looks and attitude are lost, leaving behind a broken man that Krista is trying to heal, though her methods, specifically suggesting he decorate said mask, might be what help Billy create the ‘Jigsaw’ persona. While speaking recently with Collider about her character’s relationship with Billy Russo, Lima said:

“She’s worked with veterans before, she’s dealt with PTSD. She comes in the second episode, we see her with Billy, who she’s been working with for months. She’s been coaching him through all the things that Ben just mentioned, all of his putting together of puzzles. She has specific techniques and some insights into how to pull out everything he is struggling with…I think she deals with a lot of different types of personalities. In the beginning, we’re seeing her just learning about Billy, I don’t think she’s coming up with an opinion. She’s thinking most of it is PTSD. I don’t think she’s judging in any way. She’s just thinking it’s another patient, he has his own trauma, his own mess to deal with. She’s helping him with the puzzle, I guess.”

It could be this naivety when dealing with Russo that allows the man to escape custody and go after Frank, though from this clip, he does not seem capable of much action, though he might just be bottling it all in, waiting for his chance. When talking about the difference between his character in Season 1 and Season 2, Ben Barnes stated:

“There wasn’t much vulnerability to Billy Russo the first season, it was a lot of Burberry and hair gel first, human being second. Then in this, all that’s gone. He’s in a gown and he doesn’t want to look at himself. He doesn’t know if there’s anyone in the world who will understand, and I think that’s a beautifully vulnerable position to be in.”

You can check out the clip for yourself below, and make sure to leave any thoughts you have about what the season may have in store for Billy, and what else we might expect from ‘The Punisher’ Season 2, in the comments below!

SOURCE: Comicbook